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      John McKeeJohn McKee

      Happy to announce that pre-registration for the 2021 Run is now active on the website at

      If you have registered for the 2020 Run, your registration is still valid, so no need to re-register.


      John "Wicked" McKee
      RFTW BOD
      Director of Risk Management

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      So how or where do you update your info: trike insurance, trike registration, etc. ?

      GSCM USN(Ret) '57 - '89
      L/M VFW 3788
      L/M AL 460
      C/M ALR 460
      Ala PGR
      ATW 2000 (SR Recon), ATW 2003 SR, Participant 2018 SR (Fueling Team),
      Participant 2019 SR (Fueling Team), ATW 2021 SR/SB (Fueling Team)
      Gulf of Tonkin '64-'65; DaNang '69-'70

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      Diann McKeeDiann McKee

      Go to the “Contact” link here on the website, and where it says “who should this go to?”   select “RFTW 2021 – Registration Revisions”.   Give whatever revisions or updates in that email contact, and we’ll get your registration changed.

      Diann McKee

      Diann "Mojo" McKee
      Director of Risk Management

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      Was an FNG in 2019 and just now finished up pre-registering for 2021. Got this good feeling goin’ on and it’s long over due! Is it May yet?

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      I really wish that there was a link/reference to the Contacts…,”RFTW 2021 – Registration Revisions” instructions on the registration page.  I just spent 45 minutes and two phone calls before I stumbled onto Diann McKee’s post above.  I foresee 2021 registration being a manually entered night mare if all/most 2020 registrants do not update their info before they get to Ontario or where ever they join up.

      Pat “IRISH” O’Brien

      CR Fuel Team 2011 to 2019—2021

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