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      Nick HentgesNick Hentges

      To all pre-registered riders:

      All riders that have pre-registered for 2020 will automatically roll into the 2021 pre-registration database, whether you pre-paid or selected to pay at your sign-in location.
      Changes that need to be made on your existing form (new bike, updated expiration dates on license, insurance, route change, etc.) should be directed to the newly established Contact Form category “RFTW 2020 – Registration Revisions.”    ONLY CHANGES TO YOUR FORM should go this category.     The registration team will monitor these contact emails, revise your existing form and re-send it to you.    We will do this until the cut-off date in April, 2021.
      If you see that you will NOT be participating in the 2021 Run, please complete a  “Contact Form” under the same category and advise us.   We will then delete your registration, so that accurate participant numbers can be obtained.   This is critical information to the Route Coordinators, so please contact us if you are unable to go.
      Refunds—because of the PayPal time limit for issuing refunds, many registrations cannot be refunded.  We are asking that you NOT request a refund if you know for sure that you’re unable to go in 2021.   If you are outside the time window, then there is nothing we can do through PayPal.
      Donations—the monies that have been paid towards registration will stay as such for 2021.   Many of you have already stated that you want to donate the registration money for this year and pay, again, next year.   Those who would like to donate to the 2021 general fund to offset the 2020 expenses, can do so by the “Donate” button on the website:   We truly appreciate the support we’ve already seen

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      Tailgunner 2010
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      Platoon Leader 2017-2019
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      RFTW BOD Director of Public Relations and Communications

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      If we were not registered for 2020 because of other commitments, when will we be able to register for 2021?

      Thanks for all the hard work all of you do!


      2019 ATW

      2019 FNG
      Antioch, CA

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      What do I need to do to donate my registration fee for 2020

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      Boots,  Pre-registration opening date for 2021 has not yet been established, but we hope to open it up sometime in July or August.

      Charlie, Your pre-registration fee will roll over for 2021 as a registration money, as stated above.   If you’re unable to do the 2021 run, please notify us as instructed in the above posting.   Your fee will be in the general fund next year.

      Diann McKee

      Director of Risk Management/Registration

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      When pre-registration opens for 2021, will there be an announcement that it is open and will we be able to register for the Sandbox Route, or will it continue to be a wait list?


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      Diann McKeeDiann McKee

      Mike,    When we’re close to opening, we will announce the 2021 pre-registration on both Facebook and the website.     Concerning the Sandbox Route, we’re working with Bugs, the Route Coordinator, on the process of carrying this forward, as well.    This will be announced, too, in all forms.    Thank you for  your patience.  I know that we’re all eager to forge ahead.

      Diann McKee

      Director of Risk Management/Registration

      Diann "Mojo" McKee
      Director of Risk Management

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