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      Just food for thought.

      20 years ago I lost my daughters to parental alienation. The alienated parent is helpless. The pain and depression were devastating. For years. Dark thoughts. A thousand times I thought of becoming one of the 22 just to escape the hurt. I came to realize the alienating parent wanted this outcome. I needed to help myself, and all I had was my voice. About 17 years ago I started the first Parental Alienation Awareness FB Page/Group in Texas. I learned about using FB to create awareness from that, and it saved me.

      The Run carries a message, and every additional supporter serves to increase the volume of our collective voice.

      The routes and stops information will be published soon. Start planning now. I use my own 7 Step template as an example.

      YOUR MESSAGE — Write down, save, and review the message about Run For The Wall that you want to share with the target community. Review it again. Check for typo’s. Review it again. Is the same message suitable for all audiences? If not, maybe you want to modify and save different versions of your message for future copy-n-paste. You are only a participant, so this needs to represent your voice, your perspective, and not that of the organization. Be humble. Leave emotion out of it. Don’t ask for donations, but do be sure to include the RFTW website.

      EVENTS — FB Events are great reminders in that they appear in the “Events This Week” section of FB Events about 7 days before the event. Anyone looking for something to do this week will see the Event if they are nearby. The passing of the Run is a Watch Event, but you need to tag a  physical location like City/State along your chosen route. This physical location tag is important. FB uses it when suggesting nearby events. Look for communities BETWEEN scheduled Stops too, not just the communities that are scheduled for Stops. Give a time frame of the expected passing of the Pack. For example, Departing ThisStop, MO @ 8:00am and Departing NextStop, MO @ 10:45am. The scheduled duration should be limited to this same time frame.

      COMMUNITY GROUPS — Select FB Community Groups on your chosen route in which you can post your previously saved message. For example, search FB Groups for Denver, Colorado. Choose View All at the bottom of the output. Filter to see only Public Groups. Look for groups with higher membership counts, and join. Don’t wait until the last minute because many groups take several days before they approve a Join request. Be respectful of the purpose of the group, and avoid posting where a group is clearly narrowly focused on a single topic.

      VETERANS GROUPS — Similar to Community Groups. These FB Groups may be Local, or National. You may need 2 versions of your message. A National group has little interest in knowing you are departing Podunk, MO @ 2:45pm on a Thursday. For example, search FB Groups for Missouri Veterans.

      YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS — They’re on FB. Find ’em.

      PUBLIC FIGURES PAGES — Search FB Pages for Public Figures with high Followed By counts. Do not post your message on their Page. Instead, many have either a Message or Email contact function. Be respectful. Be humble. Preface your message with something like      “Please review this veterans effort and consider supporting by lending your voice. Visit the webpage as I am only a riding participant, and my words cannot do it justice. Thank you for your consideration.”

      FOLLOW UP — People are forgetful and need to be reminded. This part is tedious, but very important. Keep track of locations where you posted messages. 3 days before the scheduled arrival of the Pack, repost your orignal message and preface it with, “Only 3 more days until the Pack arrives…”  Yeah, this part takes place during the Run.

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