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      To Whomever Can Provide Feedback,

      I rode all the way on the Midway Route in 2017 and am considering volunteering for either the fueling or staging team along the Central Route next year. For those who have served in either of these capacities in the past what are the good and bad points of serving in these roles? For example, I know that the staging team members have to be at the days kick off point early in order to guide in the riders (how much earlier?). Any feedback would be appreciated.

      Paul Hurst

      US Navy, EM2, USS Emory S. Land (AS-39), 1977-1983

      FNG, All the Way, Midway Route 2017

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      SR Staging for this year left Ontario as the program for all routes started.  We were staged behind the stage on the other side of the fence if you just happened to notice.  They were attempting to get a big RV out that drive and we had to move some rides to do it!  Flexibility plays a role in either team!  I know for my FNG year I would not have noticed this and there were a lot of things I missed.  But we probably got on the road 15-20 minutes ahead of the first routes departure.  Formation’s not so tight making the ride more enjoyable.  We do get some bridge waves/flags but not the larger groups that arrive after we pass.  Rooming works the same except for the early rising.  We miss a lot of the donated fuel stops due to timing(we get there right behind the fuelers and they haven’t had time to setup.  Plastic works most stops.  We can’t wait!  There’s usually time enough at all stops for all the necessary stuff, but no time for lolligagging!  Oh you need a couple of days early for the meeting/planning scheduled in Ontario.  It’s all good!  I think you’d love it!  It’s made my annual rides even better than my FNG ride even though I miss those special FNG memorial/school/VA/etc. stops.  I’m still paying back and will continue.  Enough rambling on, I’m sure you’ll have others giving you what you’re looking for.  We do get quite close to the fueling team as well.  Advance Team all!  Welcome Home and Thanks for your service!  I’ll see you in Ontario in May!  Steve(Dragon) Edmonds

      2015 FNG
      2016 Staging Team
      2017 Assistant Staging Team Leader
      2018 Staging Team Leader
      2019 Assistant Staging Team Leader
      2020 Staging Team Leader

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      It is all SERVICE.  If you wish to serve, do so!

      Retired Army E-7
      Former Honor Guard Coordinator, SR
      Former Tail Gunner, SR
      Former Ambassador SR
      Risk Management Officer, SR 2021

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      I served on the central route staging team for four years before going to the midway route. I would not give up one minute of the time I spent giving back to the run. My best recommendation is to not miss the chance to learn what this vital job has to teach you. Working on these teams has been a spring board for many of our top leaders who are now guiding us across our great country.

      i think there are so many pros and no cons so go for it!!!


      Midway Route Platoon Coordinator and Honor Guard Coordinator

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      I rather suspected that the actual riding might be more enjoyable due to riding in a smaller group as Dragon pointed out, losing out on some donated fuel when necessary wouldn’t be a big deal. I’m leaning toward staging team because the fueling team seems to be more popular and therefore staging might possibly be more short on volunteers. Still curious about how early I’d have to be at the days first staging point though.

      Paul Hurst

      US Navy, EM2, USS Emory S. Land (AS-39), 1977-1983

      FNG, All the Way, Midway Route 2017


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      Usually around 5:30 as I remember it. But the feeling of honor in giving back and serving far outweigh the small loss of sleep for a few days.

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      I worked on the staging team in 2013- SR. The first ones up and gone from the hotel to the staging area. As I told a couple of dear friends who did staging on Midway, YOU may not be the first person they see in the morning. But YOU are the person that rider looks for in the morning. Your attitude, their first hug of the day, the welcoming smile may be the key to their day. At each stop during the day, YOU are the person that participant is looking for.

      Either fuel team or staging- the Run needs you.

      Tom “Ziptie” Wistrand

      Midway Route Rear Road Guard

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      I can’t speak for fuel team, but have done staging for last 5 years, and been Staging Lead for last 3 years.

      Staging meets in the mornings 30 minutes before registration opens. We usually leave 15-20 minutes before the pack does and follow the same route. We try to ensure that we get the free fuel stops but there have been times that it doesn’t happen. The last two years we have managed to get all of them I believe.  It is a easier ride in some ways since we are a smaller group. You get to know the riders in the platoons as well as the advance teams.  Fuel, Staging and others do get head of line privileges at all stops except  Dinner since we have to leave ahead of the pack.  If you or anyone else would like to join the Staging Team for for Midway route 2018 contact me, Bob Graham (Crackers) 505-506-2131, or [email protected].  With this being the 30th year for RFTW we expect a large turnout and need all the help we can get.

      Bob Graham (Crackers)
      [email protected]
      Midway Staging Lead 2018

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      I did my first Staging on Central route in ’16.  It was an excellent experience providing many different views to and perspectives of The Run.  Highly recommend volunteering, in some capacity.  You will look back proudly on the work your team does and the many riders you help travel safely to D.C.


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