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      looking at doing all the way (FNG) on the central route at this time. don’t seem to be any lodging around Eagle Nest. what are your choices  for this area. thank you ” 3-D” Semper Fi…

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      If you look at last year’s hotel list there are options there. Eagle Nest gets booked way out but you can try the Angel Nest RV resort (they have a few cabins) or the Angel Fire Resort.

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      thank you. didn’t see much so guess i’ll go the southern route.

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      Don’t give up so easy…… There are LOTS of places in Angel Fire to stay… Just do a search on your computer – I found a place for $100 2 years ago using – There are plenty of other booking search engines. Angel Fire is only about a 15 minute ride away.  This stop is the hardest to find a room, but be persistent, it will pay off! I have been on all 3 routes. Central is the most “traditional” so I think it is a logical choice for FNGs

      Just mt .02


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      I have stayed at Angel Fire Resort on two different runs. They have always been great. Call the resort for availability.

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