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      Ok, educated opinions on rear tire for a 14 HD Limited.  I have 22K on a Michelin Commander II.  Any other tires giving good service?  Wizard

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      If you like the Commander II I would stay with it.  I went through 2 sets of Dunlop American Elites on my bike and got over 20,000 on each set, which is very high mileage for me.  I have also run the Commander II on another bike and liked them.  I currently have a Commander II on my back wheel because I needed a back tire and my local dealer stocks them.

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      I also have a 2014 Limited and use the Dunlop American Elite.  I also got 20K out of my rear as did Gonzo.  Used them exclusively on my 08 with basically the same results.  Handed well in all weather conditions and are a bit cheaper than the Michelin’s.

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      I have used both – had a Road Glide Ultra now have Ultra LTD- and I got about 20K miles on both. I liked the ride better on the Michelin’s. I don’t think you can go wrong with either if you take care of them. Check tire pressure often, keep it at recommended level and you will get a lot of “extra” use out of a tire.

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