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      Good Morning:  I am so stoked to be a FNG for the mid route on 2017 RFTW.  I am a person who likes to plan early. So I would like some recommendations for motel for night of 5/16 .  I need clean and safe..flush toilet would be a plus!!!  Thanks so much.


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      The hotel list for Midway will come out around the first of the year. There will be many choices, all will fit your parameters. There really is no reason to make a reservation earlier. I expect price will determine your final choice as all meet the safe and clean part. Each of the hotels will have a RFTW rate once they are negotiated.


      Lonny "Goofy" Weissman
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      4th platoon APL Midway 2014
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      John McKee


      It’d be best if you try to get a room at the host hotel in Ontario for that Tuesday evening.  Plan on arriving Tuesday afternoon to complete the registration process wherein you provide paperwork for your motorcycle, and sign the release forms.  Then you can get familiar with some of your fellow Midway  riders and have dinner with all of the RFTW riders.  Early next morning, you’ll be staging with your new friends in the parking lot right next door to the hotel..Look for the hotel listing to be published o/a December 31st.



      John "Wicked" McKee
      RFTW BOD
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      Welcome to The Run, Chelangel. I’m glad to hear you’ll be riding with us the Midway route, and I hope you’re planning on going “all the way”. Goofy and Wicked have given you good advice, but I would like to add that Tuesday has a lot going on that you’re going to want to be there to see, so you should try to get there as early as you can. Don’t worry about early check-in time, Ontario is usually pretty good about it. Coming in Monday night is not a bad idea either if it works for you. Regardless, Wicked is right, as soon as you register, pin your FNG button on front and center so it’s easily seen. You’ll get more greetings, handshakes, and hugs than you can imagine. Then come looking for me. It’ll be an honor to ride with you. Is it May yet?

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      Welcome to The Run, Chelangel.


      You are about to become a part of a family like no other you have ever experienced. Be prepared to laugh, cry and be hugged….A LOT !!!!

      One thing I might add to what has already been said.

      On the Tuesday before we leave on Wednesday, there is a MANDATORY FNG orientation meeting ! This is for all FNG’s and is route specific.

      If you check under the Midway route, Itinerary. last years is still posted,( 2017 has not been posted yet  ) It will give you an idea of what goes on in the days preceding our departure, or KSU. ( kick stands up)

      This orientation meeting is designed to introduce you to the route leadership, clarify how that route rides and answer any questions that are still lingering or may have been hatched.

      Ride Safe


      & Welcome Home



      "I never met a man I didn't like"...will rogers

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