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      First is there a “legend” someplace that let’s a newbie, like myself, know what the acronyms mean?

      Second I am ryding from Ontario east Mid route and would like to find a roomie to share costs:  My criteria:  2 beds, non smoking, male or female matters not as I only sleep with someone I’m married to…I’m a very sound sleeper and have been told I snore, but know that is so not right!!!  Now snort or giggle in my sleep, yep I own those!!  Interested?  Let me know and let’s see if we can create a win/win.

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      No “legend” that I know of, but ask away and I’m sure someone will answer any questions you may have.  There are always several people posting looking for roommates as it gets closer to the Run.

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      John McKeeJohn McKee

      Which acronyms?



      John "Wicked" McKee
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      Thanks for the answers to my ?….

      What do these stand for?   SITREPS        FNG (figure that is newbie…but exactly what )   SOP

      Thanks again…figure once I learn the lingo that I am “official”….

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      Welcome to The Run, Chelangal. Based on your two posts and the questions within, I’m going to guess that you are not a vet, and I want to especially thank you for your support of this very important mission. You are going to be welcomed by everyone you meet, and if given the opportunity, I will gladly shake your hand.

      In answer to your two questions:

      SITREPS is short for the military term “Situation Reports”. These are daily reports for each route on their progress across the U.S. If you click on a routes hub under Run Info, you should be able to find examples, and they will help give you an understanding of each day’s ride.

      FNG refers to anyone who is joining The Run for the first time. You will be given a button so that everyone recognizes that this is your first time, and wear it proudly. People will go out of there way to shake your hand, give you a hug, and answer your questions. Your leadership team, regardless of the route you choose, always looks out for the FNGs, and none of us forgets our FNG year. For our purposes, FNG stands for Fine New Guy (Gal). It is derived from an informal and profane military slang term that I will let you figure out.

      SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure. These are the guidelines we all follow for anything we do. For example, every morning prior to the day’s ride, several of the leadership team speaks to the riders about the days expectations and challenges. That is the SOP for each morning. As point of humor, there is another profane version you might hear, SOPAFU, that you can either figure out for yourself or ask someone about offline.

      You are going to have lots questions between now and the departure date. Absolutely ask for answers to every one of those questions. Be sure to stay on top of this site, read the President’s messages, the RC’s (Route Coordinator) messages, and the newsletters. They will help you more than you might imagine. Above all, don’t hesitate to ask your questions. I guarantee there are more than a few FNGs who are looking for the same answer, and a couple of us non-FNGs who might just need a reminder.

      One final pitch, come ride with me on the Midway Route, and don’t listen to anyone else about their routes. They’ll just try to confuse you. LOL.


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      John McKeeJohn McKee

      Chelangal, first the easy one – SITREP is short for Situation Report.  Typically, someone on each route is tasked with the job of providing a written report concerning the days events.  It’s not an exhaustive report, kinda like Joe Friday’s “just the facts”.

      Now, FNG can be a little touchy, but in it’s current usage it is meant to say “Fine New Guy” or “Fine New Gal”.  Some substitute “Friendly” for “Fine”.  FNG, in it’s historical usage from Vietnam was short for “F***ing New Guy”, someone who “old-timers” were leery of for various reasons, usually believing that being near one of them when the “s**t hit the fan” meant increased risk to the life of the “old-timer”.  Eventually, the FNG became an “old-timer”, and life went on.  Please be assured that RFTW’s FNG’s are cared for and looked after like the treasures that they are.  All FNG’s wear a distinctive pin denoting them as such, and you can count on being supported all during your Run by leadership and “old-time” riders.


      SOP is short for Standard Operating Procedure, the rules by which we operate.


      John "Wicked" McKee
      RFTW BOD
      Director of Risk Management

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      And another ?.  First thanks for the quick answers to my previous ones.  When I receive the answer at my email address and I respond to that email does the sender receive?    Thanks.


      And when I shared with my local riding group then asked me to find out if there is something I can do to “carry” their messages to the Wall?

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      First, anytime anyone responds to a post they will receive a notice of a new response (if they check the notify me box). This will also include your response of any thanks you send via the forum.

      Second, since I have been doing this mission, I have brought different messages and tributes to the wall for my students at the high school where I taught. If there is something that your riding group wishes to send to The Wall, you will be able to leave it there for them on the day we visit The Wall. If it is something that they want shared with the entire mission you can check with one of the board members in Ontario and see if they will give you some podium time at the final dinner before we leave on our separate routes.


      Welcome to the family and thank you for your support!

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