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      What is the procedure for needing to break formation, do we find an exit and take care of business then catch back up with the group? I imagine that will be the case, so do we fall in at the rear or find our platoon and fall back in line?

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      The procedure for tapping out, for any reason, will be covered at meetings and again by your platoon leadership on your route. Once you tap out you will only be able to rejoin your platoon at the next stop (gas or meal) until then (once you catch up) you will ride behind the group. However, I have never found the need to tap out for a potty break as we normally will stop for fuel about every 100 miles or so. There is always time for restroom breaks at the fuel stops.

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      Goofy pretty well covered it.  There is a hand signal to give and you exit the platoon to the right side.  But once you tap out you can not rejoin the group until the next scheduled stop for fuel or food.

      If you go to the RUN INFO tab at the top of the page you can get last year’s route packet for your chosen route.  That will give you a pretty good idea of each days mileage and stops.  I would say that the run is set up so a guy on a sportster with a 2.5 gal peanut tank can participate.

      Don’t want to sound harsh, but if your bladder can’t go for an hour and a half or so without a break I think you have to make a choice of wearing depends or not going on the run.  I guess you could also use a catheter and a bag or just run the hose down your pants leg.  But that really becomes a question of are you in the physical condition to make the ride.

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      Karen ScootsKaren Scoots

      … if your bladder can’t go for an hour and a half or so without a break I think you have to make a choice …

      This might be a good opportunity to talk to your doctor about any concerns.  I know a couple of guys who were able to easily resolve a problem with frequent urination after one conversation with their respective MDs.  Helped them on the run and in their “regular life”, too.   (I also know a guy who decided a catheter would give him a competitive edge in a Cannonball run.  That’s a story for another time.)

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      Thanks for the info, wife and I got a good chuckle out of some of the comments, no worries. See you on the Road.

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