RFTW 2019 – Pre-Registration vs. Walk-in Registration

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      In 2018, we had 328 people participate in The Run by Walk-in registration. This figure represents 20% of participants.

      I am appealing to the perennial walk-in riders to please consider registering on-line. Why online? For a few reasons:

      First, by having as much information as possible BEFORE arriving in Ontario, the Route Leadership can better plan the structure of their routes. Knowing up-front how many of each type of motorcycle will be part of the pack enables the RC and Platoon Coordinator to have the proper amount of leadership in-place. Also, we can advise our supporters who feed us along our way, how many will be arriving at each location.

      Second, it’s a heck of lot of work for the Registration Coordinator (whomever that may be) to add all of the walk-in data to the database after The Run is complete.

      Third, as an incentive to Pre-Register, the Walk-in registration fee will be increasing (Amount TBD) this year.

      So, please consider Pre-Registration…… as you have plenty of time to consider it…..
      Pre-Registration ends at the stroke of midnight on April 30, 2019….

      Pre-Registration just means that you fill out your info ONLINE on this website vs. at your check-in point.

      Oh, BTW, Pre-Registration is now open….


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      Thank John for all you do.

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      Hard Rock

      Thanks for the info!  I just registered (August 27, 2018) for RFTW XXXI and cost was $30.  I “heard” Walk-In registration may be as much as $50.  Makes sense to save a “double sawbuck” and on-line registration only takes a short time (driver’s license & bike registration/insurance info needed).  Is it May yet? 🙂

      Hard Rock

      Charlie Mike - All the Way!!!

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      Road Hazard

      I agree 1000% with walk in vs preregistration prices being different. Every venue that sells tickets online has a higher price when you pay at the door vs online. However, here is a thought…

      How many FNG’s will have heard about RFTW within a month of participating? My thought is, if we charge FNG’s the guessed $50 vs $30, are we going to turn away day trippers? I would say FNG walkins shouldn’t be charged extra, but only FNG’s.

      Anyone else? Bend them over and make it hurt. Preregistration takes 5 minutes (10 if you’re like me and registering your wife as well). And you can still pay in Ontario.

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      Diann McKee

      Road Hazard,

      As Wicked said in the initial posting, on-line registration is open clear until April 30th.  That’s less than 2 weeks away from the Run.     That’s as good as it can get for paying $30 in lieu of $50.   Even “day riders”—if they’re serious about our participating in our mission for just a day–can still pre-register without paying.    Like you said, when you wait to pay at the door, you pay more.

      Thanks, and take care!

      Diann “Mojo” McKee


      Diann "Mojo" McKee
      Director of Risk Management

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      Speed Bump

      I just completed my online registration. This will be my second time participating in the run, first time all the way! Since this will be the last Rolling Thunder ride, I plan on participating in it also.

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        Three of us are leaving on the 9th from either Chattanooga or close to Nashville.  Are you riding and would you like to meet up and join us at some point.  We are looking at predominately doing I40

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      Yikes!  I pre registered as a FNG on Feb 7 to join the southern route in Meridian, MS, shortly afterwards I convinced my boss to give me enough time off to join at the beginning in Ontario.  After reading this I wanted to make doubly sure that my registration saying Meridian and me showing up in Ontario was not going to be a problem…..I emailed Shirley Scott and she said it was OK I just need to correct the registration form in Ontario…sorry for any inconveniences…

      Kerosa01 FNG 2019

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      John McKee

      Your registration has been modified to show you signing in at Ontario.


      John McKee

      RFTW Registration Database Admin

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