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      John McKeeJohn McKee

      I’m compiling a list of RC’s from all routes, and need some help with the “older” ones.

      I know Gunny led the first one in 1989, but I’m not having much luck filling in the names from 1990 through 1998.

      I know there are some “old” guys here who were part of some (if not all) of those Runs.

      If you have intel that you’re sure of, please let me know.

      I will publish the lists once they’re complete, but, in any case, whatever I have before May 1st.



      John “Wicked” McKee

      CR 2006 & 2007; SR 2008 through 2019

      John "Wicked" McKee
      RFTW BOD
      Director of Risk Management

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      Nick HentgesNick Hentges

      Bullet (Don Pierce, Central Route Road Guard LEO Liaison) Might be able to help with some of those names.He is an Original ’89er and has made MOST of the Runs since it started. Tanker (Mike Mcdole, CR 1st Platoon Leader) May have some as well.

      Honolulu Hawaii
      ATW Central Route 2009-2019
      Tailgunner 2010
      Asst Platoon Leader 2011-2016
      Platoon Leader 2017-2019
      Wall to Wall Recon 2019
      RFTW BOD Director of Public Relations and Communications

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