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      This is a non official ride

      starting may 13 I will ride within the borders of Maine each day for ten days, rain or shine.

      each day I will ride the daily milage for that day of  the southern route.


      Dale (Stitch) Smith

      Maj (ret)

      Army Nurse Corps

      RFTW Southern Route 2017, participant   2018 Tail Gunner 5 platoon   2020 staging crew canceled


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      Doug WalkerDoug Walker

      Good for you Stitch! The spirit of the mission lives on!

      I’m enjoying Gunny’s posts on FB of his run.

      I wish fair skies and tailwinds for all who are riding.

      CR Chase Team 4 will be doing the RFTW Quest next week (Good Lord willing).

      Be Safe and stay healthy.


      CR Chase 4 '14, '15, '18, '19, ('20*)
      Sgt USMC 62-66
      Chu Lai 65-66

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      Welcome Home.

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      Day Four

      Riding by myself is lonely some time. I miss the energy of the souther route.

      This one big family of like minded souls who daily carry out the Charlie Mike.

      I make fuel stops and lunch stops and pass out pins and poker chips, and tell people about RFTW and encourage them to check out the web page.

      May God bless us all the RFTW family Charlie Mike

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      Day 9 of my ride here in Maine and I  are going to the Vietnam Memorial in Augusta today.  I will be met there today by members of the soldiers for Jesus MC and my brother in Christ, Veteran Steve who married my wife and I.

      2600 miles within the boarders of Maine with minor spillage over into NH when I navigated from Rangeley Maine to Errol NH and then onto Grafton notch and home to Gorham ME.

      I saw three moose that day and snow up in the high country


      Charlie Mike


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      3000 miles since May 13. I rode for this Man

      We are from the same Island off the coast of Maine

      Seaman Gilbert Graham and Engineman Second Class Joseph Musetti were crewmembers aboard River Patrol Boat 100 (PBR-100). On the afternoon of 28 September 28, 1967, Graham was the forward gunner on a routine patrol of the Mekong River approximately five miles northeast of Vinh Long, South Vietnam.

      PBR-100 was investigating watercraft near the mouth of a canal when it was hit by three rocket rounds. The explosion and fire consumed the boat and made it impossible to remove the bodies. From the survivors of the incident, it was determined that Graham and Musetti were killed instantly when the rockets exploded nearby. Both crewmen were declared Killed in Action/Body Not Recovered.

      Charlie Mike

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