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      Pretty BoyPretty Boy

      I am happy to report that Run for the Wall is now “officially” on a few social media sites. These include: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

      This is being done for a few reasons, such as getting the word out the general public more, increase awareness about RFTW and our Mission, drive more traffic to our website, so people can learn about us, and also to hopefully reach more people of all ages and generations to join our RFTW Family. Lastly, because 2018 will be the 30th Run for the Wall, we want to make sure that it continues for another 30 years and beyond.

      Here are the ways to see us on these other social media sites:

      Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/RunForTheWall
      Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/RunForTheWall
      Twitter:      http://www.twitter.com/RunForTheWall

      Most people are probably familiar with Facebook, but probably not as much with Instagram. Facebook purchased Instagram a few years ago, and it is very integrated with Facebook now. It is a picture medium primarily, which brings me to the next subject…

      We will more than likely have over 1,500 people participating in Run for the Wall this year between the three routes: Central, Midway, and Southern. Almost all of those 1,500 people are going to have a smartphone/camera in their pocket. Instagram allows you to take a photo from the Instagram app, or from your stored photos, and push them to your Instagram feed/timeline. You can also have it share to your Facebook timeline, and twitter, automatically or at the push of a button.

      We would like to ask that if you take photos on RFTW this year, please HASHTAG them with: #runforthewall and #runforthewall2017, when you post them to your social media accounts.

      This will automatically index and group everyone’s photos together, and make them easily searchable.

      We DO NOT take photos of other peoples’ misfortunes! Period. Tipped over bikes, or God forbid any other “incident”. It is Leadership’s job to inform immediate family of incidents and misfortunes.

      In regards to the Facebook “Groups” out there that others have started like: RFTW Colorado, RFTW New Mexico, and RFTW (started by Lisa “Chrome” Russell), etc. Please continue using these for discussion, and talking amongst yourselves. We discovered that we really needed a Facebook “Page” and not a “Group” for RFTW’s “Official” Facebook presence, and that we can do more with a Page vs. Group.

      So, we highly suggest that you do a couple of things. FOLLOW and LIKE our new Official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. @RunForTheWall on all three.

      Specifically on Instagram, download the app, and learn how to use it. If you don’t know… Ask a friend, or for some of you, ask your kids or grandkids! 🙂 And this year… start hashtagging your photos!! #runforthewall #runforthewall2017

      If you Google “instagram for dummies” you’ll find several tutorials.

      Kirk "Pretty Boy" Olson
      Route Road Guard Captain - Central Route
      Central Route Road Guard - 2010-2019

      Participant 2009, 2015 | All the Way 2010-2014, 2016-2020
      2012 BMW K1600GT

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