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    Last May somebody handed me a bunch of business cards that were generic RFTW cards explaining the mission and included links to the RFTW website. I found them very helpful to hand to folks I met along the way who asked what it was all about. I would like to obtain a supply of these cards for continued use as I am often asked about the RFTW caps and shirts I frequently wear. I am happy to stop and talk about the run but handing out one of those card and suggesting there is much more info and videos online is a pretty effective way to get the message out.

    Where can I obtain more cards?

    CR Chase 4 '14, '15, '18, '19
    Sgt USMC 62-66
    Chu Lai 65-66

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    Nick HentgesNick Hentges

    Here you go. Under the “About” Tab at the top of the web page is a link to Run for the Wall Brochures, Flyers and Resources. You can go to the link there and order business cards. You can also download and print the other items to hand out at events and also post at local Motorcycle Shops, Etc.



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    I found the business cards in the drop down menu from the SHOP tab.

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    Thank you both for the tip. I just placed my order.

    CR Chase 4 '14, '15, '18, '19
    Sgt USMC 62-66
    Chu Lai 65-66

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