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      The 2020 SR was going to celebrate its inaugural Memorial Outreach Mission to the Flags Across America Old Glory Site in El Paso this year.  The Rona knocked us back a step, but we are going to commemorate RFTW visiting the site by having a presentation of the brick and bench plaque  on 16 September 2020, at 1100hrs (11:00am) at the Old Glory Site, 9550 Gateway North Blvd, El Paso, TX 79924.

      Jim “Hoofer” McCrain and us Hooligans have been visiting the site during our Run To The Run operation for several years.  Thank you, Jim, for planting the seeds!  Since us Hooligans have been visiting the site, dramatic and meaningful changes have taken place at the site and will be a great stop, not only for RFTW, but for El Paso, Flags Across America and all the organizations that provide support to the site as well.  The local chapter of Vietnam Veterans of America have been greeting us at the site, providing beverages and hot dogs as long as the Hooligans have been visiting.

      Those who will be joining us at Old Glory, please remember that social distancing and wearing of masks will be enforced.  The mayor has been cranky!

      Thanks to the Board of Directors and the current and past Southern Route leadership for working to get this accomplished.  Thanks again, Jim!

      David “Buzz” Mullen
      2014 – FNG Year
      1st Platoon Tailgunner, APL
      2016 – ATW on All Three Routes
      2017 –  Participant
      2018 – 1st Platoon Tailgunner
      2019 – 5th Platoon Leader

      David J Mullen
      US Army (Retired)

      2014 - FNG ATW SR
      Acting APL
      2016 - ATW All Three Routes
      2017 - Participant SR
      2018 - ATW Tailgunner 1st Platoon
      2019 - ATW 5th Platoon Leader

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