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      Vicki and I drove from downtown to I-40 after dinner tonight.  The road from the railroad tracks north to the blinky red light at Edison street is a mess… no pavement… probably treacherous for motorcycles.  I would recommend that if you come into town while traveling to Ontario that you use either the 161 or 165 exits (the road construction is on the road from I-40 to downtown that is at exit 163)  If you are coming or going from down town to the north, use Edison Street (the one with the blinky red light like the movie “Cars”) and  7th Street (the one that passes by the school) to get from downtown to the Ramada Inn, Quality Inn and other motels on the north side of town.  That portion of Grand Canyon Blvd north of Edison is still messy, but marginally ok for motorcycles.  Underpass at I-40 is open, as is eastbound exit and entry ramps.  See attached map.  This information has been shared with the Arizona State Coordinator, Ed Van Landingham.

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      Thanks for the scouting report Stephen!


      2019 FNG - Central Route

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