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    All kinds of rumors on the internet about this being the last Rolling Thunder. Can anybody provide details about what is happening and why it’s going away?

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    Big Tom

    This is the first that I have heard of it…

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    Yes, 2019 will be the last year of Rolling Thunder in Washington D.C. on Memorial weekend.

    This information is obtained from the R.T. website, Presidents message located on page 8. The paragraph covering this news is quoted below:

    The conference in DC was excellent. We had classes this year for Media, and Flags/Signs/Chairs. Received many compliments fro
    m the
    Chapters. The back s
    eats were full with general membership, and we had 290 attend the dinner. Announced was that this year, 2019 will be our last
    Memorial Day
    weekend in DC. The decision had to be made due to the exorbitant cost and the difficulty the Pentagon Police have bee
    n giving us. We will now proceed with State Runs
    on the Sunday of Memorial Day all across the country. The representatives are not in DC Memorial Day weekend and home in thei
    r respective districts. We could make
    a bigger impact nationally by demonstrating
    in our respective States. Our sponsors will continue to back us. Harley Davidson is behind us, and the Nam Knights are with
    us. The Bike raffle will continue as well. There is a new owner of the Fort Washington Harley store and he is working to turn
    that s
    tore around. We are working out the
    details for 2020 for State Runs, and NJ, NY, and PA may have a combined Run. The second annual Freedom Farm Festival is comin
    g up in April. An email will be sent
    out with details on motels available, please book your roo
    m now if attending.”


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    Pretty BoyPretty Boy

    More importantly…


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    Even though RT was never an official part of RFTW I hate to see them cave to pressure as it was always a “supplement” to the FNG experience, like the USMC Evening Parade, Friday Wall vigil and other events. We could park our bikes practically anywhere in large part due to large numbers of riders in town for RT. Maybe I’m paranoid but if the powers that be can get rid of one group, they can get rid of us. I hope he leadership stays ever vigilant………..

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    Truth be told, I have not stuck around for the actual Sunday Rolling Thunder ride for years-I think 2013 was the last time I did.

    Getting to the Wall is really all I care about.

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