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      After reading and re reading the January newsletter.  Is there a separate sign up required to be part of ryding in the Rolling Thunder parade?  Thank you.  -6 at my house…certainly not riding weather…but lots of time to get “smart” on RFTW 2017.

      Thank you so much and IS IT MAY YET?

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      No additional signup required. Those wishing to participate in RT stage (usually) in the parking lot across the street from the Holiday Inn at oh-dark-ugly and travel to the Pentagon as a group. Just be there for staging and you’re good to go. Check your itinerary when it comes out; info is usually near the back.

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      The god news is apparently the Rolling Thunder group gives RFTW participants the pleasure of riding in the front!  Also, be aware that RT has a “mall” of booths downtown that weekend.  Might be a good place to hang and browse during breaks on Saturday.  (I am an FNG) so have no idea what kind of breaks we might actually have between Arlington, plaque presentation, and group photo)


      Chris "Bird" Earley
      USAF 1975 - 1995
      American Legion Riders 209
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      One of the reasons for the group photo taking place later is due to the fact that we want to make sure all of the FNG’s from Arlington have made it to the Lincoln Memorial. There will be time to check out the booths at the Mall but, most likely after we make it to The Wall for the placing of the Plaque. Once we make it to The Wall the official part of RFTW is done and you are on your own to make it back to the hotel.


      Lonny "Goofy" Weissman
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