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      Curious to know who are actually going to rough it camping, I’m 69 and it’s been awhile since I sleep on the ground in a tent, don’t even know if I can do it but it’s worth a try.


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      I went to Sturgis after the Run and did 3 nights in tent @ 67 in 2017. Screw that  your meds will cost more than a room. and those ER visits will break you. I also am 69 now never again, will stay home first.

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      I’m 68 1/2 years young and roughing it this trip. Just can’t justify the expense of “hoteling” it like I did on the southern route in 2018. I’m going all the way on the southern route again this year, and then the Sandbox Run, and plan on camping the majority of the time. Although, from what I’ve seen and heard, “camping” mostly consists of sleeping indoors in a common area depending on the venue – VFW Hall, HD Dealership, fairgrounds, etc. I may be wrong, but actually camping under the stars in a tent is not the norm. Hopefully others with more first-hand knowledge will weigh in.

      In any case, very much looking forward to the camping experience, age be damned. Is it May yet?

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      I roo am going all the way hotel first 4 nights. Then camping you guys need to get a cot to fit in your tent beats rolling on the floor to get to your knees to stand hope to seeya soon .

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      Midway route has a camping coordinator that, I assume, arranges for all the camping venues.  You could ask her for the general info on “outside versus inside”.  I’m sure the other routes have camping coordinators but they’re not listed.  Midways is Darlene, at [email protected]. Post what you find out.

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      One of the advantages of pulling a trailer when camping on RFTW is that I have room for a 4 man tent (Coleman River Gorge) that will accommodate 2 Roll-A-Cots (I will be have a room mate on RFTW).  All of this sets up /takes down and loads up in less than 20 minutes.  I used to carry a backpacking tent for just myself without having the trailer and didn’t have much room… and it took more time to lash down each morning.  A good sleeping pad (like a Thermarest) really makes a big difference when sleeping on the floor of a tent.  Some of the camping locations (like Williams and Wentzville on the Central Route) will actually be inside a church and again, the cots are great for staying off the floor… but a sleeping pad on the floor works, too!  I’m 64 this year and this will be my 3rd time camping and I enjoy the camaraderie with the other campers along with the cost savings!!


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      I’m 54 and disabled. My Buddy going with me 70. Both roughing it. On the Midway rt. They didn’t sleep in hotels in Vietnam

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      Right on, brother!!  You’re definitely right about Vietnam.  See you on the Midway.

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      I’m 65 and I am planning on camping when it’s available close, I don’t think I am going to go to rv parks. Haven’t decided if I’ll pull the trailer yet, I like to be with the main group and I haven’t run with the trailer group so keeping my options open. I do like the idea of the camaraderie with other campers instead of sitting in a hotel by myself

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