Run to the Run 2022 from Colorado

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      Signed up for the RFTW 2022 as FNG.  Live in the mountains of Colorado, and would like to leave on 13 or 14MAY and arrive in Ontario on 15MAY.  Would be great to stop at a hot spring on the way!!!


      Dave (Carbo) Carbonetti


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      Hi Dave,

      Also an FNG.  I am coming from the DC area, planning to overnight in Fraser CO on the 13th, leaving there on the 14th.  I am staying in Pasadena the 15th, so I’d probably peel off at Victorville on the way south.  Not sure what part of CO you are leaving from, but would be happy to have the company if it works out.


      Ed W.



      FNG ATW CR 2022
      CR Virginia Assistant State Coordinator 2023
      [email protected]

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      Oh man, my nephew and I (2 Florida FNGs) will miss joining you by a day. We’re leaving Denver area 15 May to arrive 16 May. Itinerary not solid but idea is to get to around Hurricane, UT on 15 May and go to Battleship USS Iowa by early afternoon on 16 May. From there we’re staying at the convention center 16-17 May.


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      Hello Ed,

      I live in Crested Butte, CO and will be taking HWY 50 to Grand Junction and then I 70.  We can meet up there.  I’m thinking Monroe, UT for an overnight, but flexible.



      Florida FNGs,

      Would love to have you along. Let us know if plans change.

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      I’m also a FNG (for the 3rd time). I live in Colorado Springs and plan on leaving around 5/14 arriving in Ontario on the 16th. Initial thought was staying overnight in Green River, UT on the 14th and Las Vegas on the 15th. However, Monroe on the 14th would work as well (hot springs). I am pretty flexible.

      Tom (TBird) Robirds

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        Tom, I’m leaving on the 14th from the Springs as well. Meeting 2 other riders in Albuquerque and then traveling across NM and AZ to Ontario, arriving the 16th. If you’d like to connect and ride together, let me know.

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        That route is probably the right one, especially if the weather is iffy but right now, I’d like to go out on a route different from the one we’ll take from Ontario.  I’ll keep your offer in mind as we get closer to departure. You can email me at trophytbird on yahoo.

        Ride safe,


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      Leaving from Grand Junction but would prefer to head south at Crescent Junction, Utah through Moab, Monument Valley, Arizona south to I 10. It’s a liesurely scenic route that avoids a lot of Interstate highway travel. We will have plenty of that on the run.


      Steve Goebel

      March 6, 2022


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      Nick Hentges

      There is a post about 4 or so down from this one. Leaving CO Springs on the 13th


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      Most of us in the front range of Colorado elect to head south instead of going over the passes during early May it can get pretty crazy and unpredictable up there… Be careful as you will most likely see snow and below freezing temps…  Ride safe and see you in May…


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      This will be my third ride but 8 years since the last and never from Ontario. I joined both previous runs in Junction City Kansas. So, this time I would like to ride the whole route. Leaving Casper Wyoming, headed southwest and I am planning on entering Utah on I80. No set plans from there and pretty open on the route and date. Could meet up somewhere in Utah.



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        Hey Rodney,

        I’m originally from Gillette, welcome back to the Run!

        I’m going to be in Laramie at UW for my daughter’s graduation on Saturday the 13th,  morning, then plan on hitting I-80 to SLC, I-15 to Ontario. I’m hoping to get south of SLC Saturday then go into Ontario Sunday. I’d be happy to catch up with you if you are going the same time frame and ride with you the rest of the way. Feel free to call me at 307-257-3576 or email me directly at [email protected].

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