Run To The Run – Colorado – 2021

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      Whiskey Chaser

      Howdy all,

      Since I seem to be on a roll today with my own RFTW 2021 planning, I figured I’d start a thread here.  As in years past, I am planning to depart Colorado Springs for Ontario at 0900hrs on Friday, 14May21.  I’m planning to overnight in Albuquerque and Kingman.  If you’re interested in joining me, I look forward to hearing from you!

      The starting point for my ride will be: McDonalds, 8120 Voyager Parkway, Co. Springs, CO

      Cheers // Ian

      Riding in memory of my father, our current and former service members.
      Riding in memory of the fallen, and for those who can't.
      Remembering our POWs and MIAs.
      Riding All The Way
      I wasn't there, but I still care

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      Some of us are leaving from Prescott Valley, AZ on Monday, May 10th headed to Ontario.  If ya need an overnight in that area let me know…

      Ride Safe, Ride Often!!

      Rick  (Bearcat) Gunder

      Ride Safe, Ride Often!!
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      Unfortunately I can not leave until after work on the 14th, but maybe I will catch up with you all 🙂

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