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    Greetings all!

    Sandbox 2020 is putting out the call early for some specific Leadership positions!

    Please Reply to the email provided to each position below to be filled.

    YOU MUST ALSO FILL OUT THE LEADERSHIP SUBMIT FORM AT https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSdsMuyAS-CAaedzm8…/viewform      (On the Sandbox Hub)

    State Coordinators and Potential Asst St Coordinators Needed for



    West Virginia


    Send Your Info to

    Billie Dunlap “BUGS”

    [email protected]


    Potential Asst St Coordinators being considered for

    Eastern Ohio

    Western Ohio



    Send Your Info to

    Billie Dunlap “BUGS”

    [email protected]


    Honor Guard Captain

    These are some of the preferred attributes for the position;

    Former or Current DI (Marine Corps)

    Former or Current Drill Sargent (Army)

    Former or Current RDC (Navy)

    Former or Current MTI (Air Force)

    Former or Current Company Commander (Coast Guard)

    Former or Current Commander or Coordinator of Honor Guard or Color Guard for a Police or Fire Fighting unit.

    Honor Guard role for SandBox 2020 will be expanded to also include Morning and Evening Color Ceremonies.

    Send your info to

    Mike Pittman “COB”

    [email protected]



    PR Writer

    Will work with PAO to formulate Press releases

    Will Work with State Coordinators and PAO to identify Media and Community organizations to disseminate information to.

    Send your info to

    Mary Pittman McElroy “Cupcake”

    [email protected]



    If your are interested in Any OTHER Leadership positions on Sandbox please use the Leadership submit form on the Sandbox hub!

    Thank you all!

    Mary Pittman McElroy “Cupcake”

    WALL 2 WALL !!

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