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      WALL 2 WALL
      Aug 8 2019
      Sandbox Route Coordinator News

      Hello All RFTW Family, Friends and Future RFTW Riders!

      I wanted to give everyone an update on Sandbox as we have been active in various areas of preparation for 2020. As previously promised; I will regularly pass-down information as it becomes available or as actions dictate.

      First order of business; Sandbox leadership.
      Since my last communication, our Assistant Route Coordinator (ARC) Ken “Six String” Dugas, tendered his resignation from this post. Six String was instrumental in many facets of the development and future plans for Sandbox. I relied heavily upon his calm demeanor and clear thinking. As Six String was juggling both the responsibilities of ARC for Sandbox and Route Coordinator (RC) for Midway to say his plate was full is an understatement. As Sandbox is still in its developmental stage there are many issues that require a significant amount of attention from all leadership positions…. especially that of the ARC. I wish Six String well, thank him immensely for his counsel, leadership and undeniable love for Sandbox and the men and women on the Middle East Conflicts Wall (MECW). I am looking forward to working alongside him as RC colleagues throughout the year.

      I am receiving regular updates from the various leadership teams on Sandbox in regards to their staffing progress and I can report that this process is continuing as planned and scheduled. We are, however, still seeking immediate submissions for Honor Guard Coordinator and State Coordinators in Illinois, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia as well as Asst St Coordinators in all of the states we travel in.
      Please contact us if you have any interest in volunteering for any of these positions. Please use the Volunteer Sign-Up Form on the Sandbox Hub ( for these, or any other Leadership positions you’d like to apply for.

      I do need to pass down some information that has been given to me from the RFTW Board of Directors (BoD). It has been decided by the BoD that Sandbox Route will be required to rotate the positions of RC, ARC and Road Guard Captain (RGC) each year between applicant submissions from Central, Midway and Southern Routes.
      In essence this will mean, since I will be registered as a Southern Route rider (from CA to DC) in 2020 (and I am the RC for Sandbox) the person I select to replace the ARC, must come from Central or Midway so that the presumptive RC for 2021 will be from a route other than the one I am registered on.
      This process will continue each year (with each subsequent RC). I wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of this policy by the BoD so that there is some understanding of the process by which senior leadership must be determined on Sandbox Route.
      As a normal course of business, we have taken painstaking efforts to blend the Leadership from the three (3) routes into Sandbox Recon 2019 and Sandbox Route 2020 already, so not much will change in this regard except for the pool from which an RC is able to choose his/her ARC and RGC.

      I encourage everyone to visit the Facebook social media page for Sandbox Route. It will always have current information and additional content.

      As always, be safe out there when riding. Take care of your health and wellness. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!


      RC, RFTW
      Sandbox Route

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      For  the Honor Guard coordinator position for the Sand Box Run what will the responsibilities be??

      thank you

      Chaplain Bill

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