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      AvatarGreg Noller

      Honestly I have never read anything about the Sandbox Route till today. Now I see it is for the IL memorial. I would have signed up had I known.

      Anyway is there a place to be put on a stand by or cancellation list?

      Also, if any one has a spot and at some future date needs to give it up, please keep me in mind.

      My son was a Afghanistan vet, a Combat Engineer 2012-2013 with the 555 Eng Bde, 1st Eng Bn.

      He succumbed to his demons and became one of the 22 on 28 Dec 2017. I rode the MR ATW in 2018 to honor his service while remembering the POW-MIA of all previous wars.

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      Nick HentgesNick Hentges

      NOTE: This process is ONLY for those NOT currently registered on the SandBox Route into Marseilles.
      To be listed on the Standby Registration List, please do the following:

      Compose an e-mail with the Subject Line: “SandBox Standby Registration Request”
      In the e-mail, please provide the following:Your Name
      Confirm that you are registered & paid on Central, Southern or Midway Route into DC.
      Confirm that you are a Motorcycle/Trike/CanAm Rider (not a passenger)
      If applicable, provide the name of a passenger (also registered) who will be riding with you, they can be added with you.
      Send the message to
      The Standby Registration List will be established with precedence in the order of messages received at the address noted in step 3 above only. As spots open, your registration will be manually modified with a “Ride-to” of Marseilles and you will be notified with an updated Registration Confirmation E-mail.

      Honolulu Hawaii
      ATW Central Route 2009-2019
      Tailgunner 2010
      Asst Platoon Leader 2011-2016
      Platoon Leader 2017-2019
      Wall to Wall Recon 2019
      RFTW BOD Director of Public Relations and Communications

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      AvatarGreg Noller

      Thank you.

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      Greg, so sorry for your loss, I hope you get to do the run. Good luck.

      Barbara Sutton
      2012 FNG, ATW, 2013, 2014, 2015,
      2016, 2017 Southern Route Fuel Team,
      2018, 2019 Participant

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      AvatarGreg Noller

      I think there has been a very interesting development. See the Sandbox Route Coordinator News:

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      I don’t know if this is allowed, but as of this morning I will not be able to make the run this May due to family health issues. As a result, I’m going to let the leadership know that I am not going, and also to make them aware that I cannot be part of the fuel team on the SandBox run as planned.

      If you can take this spot, and maybe volunteer to take my place on the fuel team, go for it.

      Again, I don’t know if “transfers” are allowed, but let’s give it a try.

      Roy “Geneeus” Wheaton

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      AvatarGreg Noller

      Thank you Roy, but I have been assigned a platoon on Sandbox.

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