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      The Mayor

      WHAT?  It’s finally MAY?   With RFTW XXXII headed east only eleven days after our Saturday gathering?  Well…. Gwyn and I are at least talking about packing, while a few riders are already migrating west from other parts of the country, probably mooching from friends and family while headed toward Ontario.  ‘Just talked to Angie “Den Mother” Uhler this morning: she’s headed to the North West first, and then joining the escort down with the Fallen Heroes Cart… to be here on the 14th.

      FNGs need to know that riders will be gathering here from almost every state, and perhaps a few countries!  Times will have been affected by the pandemic, but when Gwyn set up the first “where are you from” map at registration in 2008, we had riders from 48 states (that included Hawaii and Alaska).  I’ll miss a few, but I know that we’ve had riders from The Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand. and the Pacific Islands.

      So.  ARE WE READY?  The answer, if you’re honest, is HELL NO!  But most of you are getting really close.  My ride, a Spyder this year, is getting new tires, an oil change, and a mechanic’s blessing on Thursday the 5th.  She needs a few other things, but nothing that would keep her from putting on 7,000 miles before the middle of June.  If you’re new to the Run, keep in mind that my ride doesn’t NEED tires, and would be good for another 10,000 miles on good road.  But the Run, round trip, requires PERFECT TIRES, and tires that love to stick in the rain.

      So, this coming Saturday will be a final chance to meet as a group before many of us see one another in Ontario.  As you know, we hope that any interested rider or patriot will join us this Saturday.  For those who are unable to roll out of Ontario with us on the morning of Wednesday, May 18th, let’s talk about other aspects of RFTW.  California: morning route details are posted for three of the routes, including departure times from Ontario.  Included for the Southern Route  are arrival and departure times for the Coachella Fuel Stop.  The Midway Route posts arrival and departure times for the Ludlow Fuel Stop.  The Central Route posts arrival and departure times for the Barstow and Ludlow Fuel Stops, as well as arrival information for Needles.

      The specific route itineraries are posted on the website.  That information, across our country and on the sidewalks and street as we roll out of the Ontario parking lot on the morning of Day One will bring people with salutes, flags, cheers, and signs of support.  In California, if you won’t be on the Run itself, join its other supporters on the streets, bridges, or as the Run rolls into a fuel stop.  Let’s talk about it on Saturday:

      Meet at 11:30 (or thereabout) on Saturday, May 7th
      Dorry’s Bar and Grill, or (Dorry’s Diner)
      17136 Van Buren  (about 5 1/2 miles west of Riverside National Cemetery)
      Riverside, CA  92504

      Jim "The Mayor" Frost
      USAF SSgt 66-69
      Bien Hoa AB, RVN 8/67-10/69

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