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      I see there is a Platoon Coordinator on Central Route but not on the others. What is the job they do and do they need any people to help them?

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      Wally GatorWally Gator

      Hi Hotrod       The Platoon Coordinator is the person that all the platoon leaders in each of the routes report to for the daily information and yes each route has one.    If you would like to help contact the someone on the board they can help you with how and or needs to be done.

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        Thanks I’ll look into it. And I did look at all the routes after I sent this message seeking info and found the Platoon Coordinators in them. My bad. Thanks.

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      Nick HentgesNick Hentges

      On Central the Platoon Coordinator assigns new riders to platoons as the join. Patr of it is keeping the platoons roughly equal in size as well as fitting a new rider into a platoon (Staggered or side by side) that they are more comfortable in. They work as part of the Registration Team but separate.


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        Rich Boy, thanks for the help and I’ll look into it, thanks.

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      Go to the RFTW Web Site, Under “Run Details”, then under the Route Hub, then under Contacts!

      SR: Platoon Coordinator
      Vic Killion “Big Vic”
      [email protected]

      MR:Platoon Coodinator
      Dan Sifford “Tap Out”
      [email protected]

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        Yes DJ, after I sent the message for info I went to the different Routes and found the Platoon Coordinators, just my bad. Thanks.

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