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      As a participating rider on the “Run For the Wall”, BMW of Riverside is offering a very special pre-ride pricing on SENA products.  These prices include shipping to the lower 48 states!! For Hawaii & Alaska, call.
      Sena 30K Single Pack:  $260.00
      Sena 30K Dual Pack:  $468.00
      Sena 10C Bluetooth Camera:  $286.00
      Sena FreeWire Harley (FREEWIRE-01): $182.00
      Sena FreeWire Honda (FREEWIRE-02):  $182.00

      Note: If you have a J&M Handlebar Mounted CB:
      (No matter the make of your motorcycle: BMW, Honda, Harley, etc), Buy the Sena 30K or 20S, Sena Freewire for Honda (p/n: FREEWIRE-02), and J&M Cable HSPT-GL18. The J&M cable can be purchased from J&M or one of their dealers. This will make your J&M branded handle bar mounted CB talk to Sena, and is a plug & play solution. Do a Google search on HSPT-GL18. BMW of Riverside will not carry the J&M cable.

      If you have built-in Harley CB from factory, buy the Harley Sena Freewire, and Sena 30K or 20S.
      If you have built-in Honda CB from factory, buy the Honda Sena Freewire, and Sena 30K or 20S.

      These prices are good through April 30, 2018.

      For complete details or to place your order contact Darren at BMW Motorcycles of Riverside: (951) 353-0607 or email: [email protected].

      Should you need service, repairs or tires  please contact Kyle in service to schedule an appointment. BMW dealers nationwide are closed Sunday and Monday. This could tie in nicely with the Tuesday morning ride to Riverside National Cemetery

      For Service:
      [email protected]
      (951) 353-0607

      BMW Motorcycles of Riverside
      7740 Indiana Ave
      Riverside, CA 92504
      (951) 353-0607


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      Do you carry Helmets with Bluetooth already integrated? I have a Honda F6B and do not have freewire yet. Is Sena the best bluetooth product right now?


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        Hi Chucksterwv,

        First off, nice bike. Also, I’m not affiliated with Sena or BMW Riverside in a formal way. To answer your questions, yes Sena makes 2 helmets with bluetooth built in, a shorty “Cavalry” helmet and their just released “Momentum” helmet. I’ve actually been demoing their new Momentum helmet and so far so good. Since helmets are such an important part of your safety gear on a bike, and head sizes and shapes vary, fit is one of the most important aspects to consider when selecting a helmet. I prefer a modular helmet when on the road and the Schuberth C3Pro is my helmet of choice. I’ve installed a Sena 30K bluetooth comm unit which is their latest model. From my perspective, Sena is the most progressive company out there in the area of motorcycle communications and I think they make the best units available. I do know that they are always striving to be innovations and continually have new products and features in development.  To find out exactly what BMW Riverside will have available please call Darren at the above number.  If you are happy with your helmet, a Sena bluetooth can be installed in it.  Let me know if  you have any other questions I can help with.

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      Darn, just bought a Freewire & paid $240.00. Those are awesome prices. Going to see if I can return mine & order through you.

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      Harlan Olson


      What are the odds of getting a Sena workshop organized in Ontario?


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      I’ll call you later today


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