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      There are several companies that can handle the move. The first one that comes to mind is Daily Direct in Milwaukee, Wi  their number is 800 Haul Bikes  I can’t remember what their time frame is to get one to Cali but it may be 1-2 weeks  from pickup to delivery


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      tsunami mommy

      I am also interested in shipping our bikes back to Ca. I have researched shipping companies that range from about $650 to $850.  I would like to hear if anyone finds better deals.

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      I’ev used this company 2X and service was excellent.  Cost me $700 from North Carolina to Riverside last year. Included $20K of insurance.

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      i was able to contact 800 haul Bikes and they quoted me 575 from arlington to calif i thought that was a good deal since i was finding prices as high as 1200 so give them a call


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