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      Ghost Rider

      The Southern Route Coordinator introduction letter has been posted under RUN INFO, Southern Route Hub, Southern Route Coordinator News.

      The INITIAL posting of our Contacts list is on the same Southern Route Hub page under Southern Route Contacts. We will be adding more names as additional assignments are made.

      If you are interested in joining the Leadership team you must have gone All The Way from CA to DC at least once, US citizen or here legally, honorably discharged if a veteran, reliable bike or trike (no automobiles) ALL as a minimum. Some jobs have additional minimum requirements. If you meet these basics and are willing to put in long hours send me an email with: a brief bio listing your RFTW experience, which job you are interested in, your NAME, ROAD NAME, CELL NUMBER, EMAIL, and SNAIL MAIL, any RFTW references you may have, and a little about you that you think may help qualify you for the job. I will review it and forward it to the appropriate Team Lead.


      Ray Wyatt “Ghost Rider”

      2017 Southern Route Coordinator

      [email protected]

      Ray Wyatt
      2017 Southern Route Coordinator
      2016 Southern Route Assistant Route Coordinator
      2014-15 Road Guard Captain
      2011-2013, 2018 -2019 Road Guard
      Mission > Self

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