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      Missing Man Formation


      From Diann “Mojo” McKee:

      For 2017, the Southern Route will have a new Missing Man Coordinator.   After several years of serving in this position and doing an outstanding job, Flame has stepped down.   I was asked to serve in her place, and I am honored to do so.

      Since registration has already opened for the 2017 Run, Iíd like to extend the invitation early on, for anyone who would like to ride a segment in the Missing Man Formation.    Preference for this honor is given to FNGís, family members of those still MIA, and former POWís.  But if you were an FNG in 2016 and missed the opportunity to ride in MMF, by all means, please submit your name for consideration.


      A little information on the formation:

      We maintain the Missing Man Formation as we cross the country.   At each stop, we rotate in a different rider, who rides next to the Open Position.  This happens as part of the ìLead Element,î which consists of five riders and the Open Position representing the Missing Man.   Row 1 is the Route Coordinator and the State Coordinator.  Row 2 is the designated rider and the Open Position.  Row 3 is the MMF Chaplain and the MMF Coordinator.


      X X
      X X


      If you would like to be considered for a segment, please send me an email with the following information.   Email address is Mo[email protected]


      Info needed:

      Full name (including your road name)
      Sign-In Location (your beginning point)
      Ending Location
      Your FNG year
      Cell phone number
      Email address
      Name of person you are riding to honor (if any)
      If you have a preference for a particular segment & why
      Riding a bike or trike & if pulling a trailer (important for logistics)
      Riding alone or w/passenger

      I look forward to serving the 2017 Run as your Missing Man Coordinator, and will strive to make it a most meaningful one for those who participate.     Hope to hear from you!    And I will be sending out reminders on this forum, as well, for riders who would like to sign up.


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      Hey Mojo,

      Thanks for stepping up to take this on. I could not think of a better person for the job. 🙂 <3


      Lonny "Goofy" Weissman
      Vietnam 67-69
      FNG 2013 Southern
      4th platoon APL Midway 2014
      5th Platoon TG Midway 2015, 2016, 2017,TG Midway 4th Platoon 2018

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      Tech DogTech Dog

      MoJo, Thank you for filling in for this most important spot. I’m on the advance team this year. Yippee!! So excited…anyways, if you need someone to fill in you know I will be more than happy to step up to the plate. FNGs come first as always, but if there is a gap that needs filled, let me know.


      Tech Dog

      USAF Dec 74-Jul 95
      SR ATW FNG 2016
      Advance Team 2017
      "Imagination is More Important than Knowledge" Albert Einstein
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      AvatarDOC PETERS


      Way to go and looking forward to riding with you all again this year. 2016 was my FNG year and i am hoping to serve in some way in 2017 on the team. I am willing to do a MMF if you need someone after FNG’s have been given their chance.

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