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      Sign-up for Missing Man Formation positions continued to be open.   There are still quite a number of slots open, so, FNG’s—don’t hesitate to contact me.   If you’re not sure how it works, below is a short description.

      We maintain the Missing Man Formation as we cross the country. At each stop (i.e. fuel, meal or overnight), we rotate in a different rider, who rides next to the Open Position. This happens as part of the Lead Element, which consists of five riders and the Open Position representing the Missing Man. Row 1 is the Route Coordinator and the State Coordinator. Row 2 is the designated rider and the Open Position. Row 3 is the MMF Chaplain and the MMF Coordinator.  The “X” ‘s below designate the rows:

      X X
      X X

      If you would like to be considered for a segment, please send me an email with the following information.   Email address is [email protected]

      Please send the following info:

      Full name (including your road name, if you have one)
      Sign-In Location (your beginning point)
      Ending Location
      Your FNG year
      Cell phone number
      Email address
      Name of person you are riding to honor (if any)
      If you have a preference for a particular segment & why
      Riding a bike or trike & if pulling a trailer (important for logistics)
      Riding alone or w/passenger


      Hope to hear from you.

      Diann “Mojo” McKee

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      John McKeeJohn McKee

      Just a few more spots are open for Missing Man on Southern Route:

      2 in Day One afternoon

      1 in Day Two afternoon

      1 in Day Four afternoon

      1 in Day Five morning

      1 morning and 1 afternoon on Day Nine

      2 on Day Ten in the morning


      Please contact Mojo at [email protected]



      John "Wicked" McKee
      RFTW BOD
      Director of Risk Management

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