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      Bob NelsonBob Nelson

      To All Run For The Wall Riders,

      If you are planning to go All The Way (ATW) on the Southern Route in 2017, and would like to volunteer to be considered for a Platoon Leadership position, let me know right away, by email .

      If you have already done so and received a reply from me, there is no reason to reply. The roster is filling up fast, but it’s not too late.  Let me know what you intend to fide on next year’s RFTW Mission; 2-wheeler, 2-wheeler with trailer, trike, or Can Am (with or without trailer). You must have completed a RFTW mission ATW at least once, sorry no FNG’s

      Also that you must be planning to go “All The Way” on the Southern Route and maintain a working bike mounted CB radio (no handhelds).  Additional requirements are you must be a citizen, legal resident or legally visiting the US, and Honorably discharged (if a veteran) also that you understand and can articulate RFTW’s mission statement.

      I will reply, and answer any questions you may have and let you know what I’ll need from you.

      Bob “Captain America” Nelson

      Platoon Coordinator RFTW SR 2017

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      Bob NelsonBob Nelson

      Bike platoon positions are filled, by now those of you fine volunteers have been contacted by your Platoon Leader.  If you are qualified, volunteered and have not been notified, make sure that I have your correct email address or other contact information.  Also you may be on the reserve list, typically a few riders will have to drop out of leadership and we will fill openings from the reserve list.

      We are still looking to fill some vacancies in the “Wagon Train” , especially 3-wheel riders, Trikes and Can-Am’s.  Let me know if you are interested.
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