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      What kind of weather can I expect for Day 1 and 2?

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      Big RedBig Red


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      AvatarDoc Ock

      Not even the best weather man in the world can predict what the weather will be in May. Generally Arizona is 100+ by May. Hot and dry, so drink a lot of water and when you think you drank enough, drink some more.

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      Yes, but it’s a Dry heat.

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      Dry heat, wet heat it can be very hot. In 2012 (the hottest desert crossing I personally experienced) the thermometer on my bike read 117 going down the highway. When it is that hot we always have folks pass out from dehydration. You do not want that to happen riding down the highway.

      I remember our FNG briefer Dutch saying in California that “if you waited until you got here (California) to start hydrating you have waited too long”

      I always start at least a week before I leave my home carrying a water bottle around with me all the time and drinking more water than I really want to get my body used to it. Then, I carry a bottle around with me the whole time I am in California doing the same thing. By the time we leave California on Wednesday morning I have been hydrating for a week to 10 days. And, make sure you have access to fluids while you are riding down the highway also. Your body will thank you.

      Also remember that coffee and tea are diuretics and could actually de-hydrate you. That happened to a lady riding out to California one year. It can be just as hot West bound as it is East bound. We have a hydration trailer at each stop with fluids and sometimes snacks. Use it. They also often have cool ties to wet and wrap around your neck. Use them also…..

      The above is what has worked for me but others may have methods that work just as good.

      Also remember that there is no shame in “tapping out” of your platoon if you are not feeling right. I have never passed out from dehydration but as I understand it you will not get much notice before your arms and head drop and you are out.

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      2016 just outside Phoenix …



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        Holy moly!

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      AvatarTop Sarge

      it can be hot or can be or overcast & drizzling,  be prepared for anything with layers of clothes.  coolties will be available at first stop in case its hot


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      Hot until you get to Grand Prairie Tx then it rains.

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      Yes drink lots of water but don’t forget to replace the electrolytes that you also will lose. PowerAde, Gatorade or other “enhanced” fluid replacements are a good thing. It took me a while to understand that I actually stay cooler by wearing long-sleeves crossing the desert. By keeping your skin covered and your clothes a little wet reduce the effects of the blistering heat.

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