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      The Mission has not changed!

      My FNG year was 2009. I have gone all the way 9 times. participant 2 times. Fuel team Southern Rt. 6 times and Midway staging its maiden year.

      This year I was  not planning to go, but since the Run has been canceled, I’m thinking maybe I SHOULD continue the Mission.

      1) Any and all plans would be contingent on the Coronavirus.

      2) This would not be  sanctioned by Run For The Wall.

      3) Added expenses ( donated fuel ,meals and discounted motel rooms) could be offset by reducing the number of days from Ca. to DC .

      I am thinking 5 or 6 days

      As Hank once said: ” God willing and the creeks don’t rise” I could leave Ohio around May 11, be in Ontario no later than May 15, leave Ontario May 17, be in Arlington  Va. May 22.

      As I said. Someone from the “Run” needs to do this

      I don’t do Facebook, so any reply need to be done on Run For The Wall website.

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      I am planing to ride to DC from Portland Maine on May 24, to leave a flag at the wall.

      This run will be one night in DC then back to Maine the next day. This in not sanctioned by RFTW!

      Max riders 4 that includes me,


      you can reach me at [email protected]


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