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      The 15th Annual Toys for Tots Run is this Sunday 10/20/2019 here in Albuquerque, N.M.  The Company I work for is a National Sponsor this year.  I will be setting up a Booth at Thunderbird Harley Davidson in support of this noble cause.  As an FNG this last May on the Midway Route, it would be great if I was able to see you again, or meet you if you were on one of the other Routes. What greater reason (other than an Official RFTW event) is there for us to see each other again.  Hope to see you at the Pep Boys Tent at Thunderbird H/D here in Albuquerque this Sunday. Come by and say Hello.  Google Albuquerque Toys for Tots Run for further details.


      FNG Midway Route this last May 2019.

      Husband of a Navy Vet, Avid supporter of all things Military.

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