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      I don’t want to pack a whole lot of extra things or food/candy. So what types of trinkets do riders bring for hospitals, schools, memorials etc. How many do you plan for?

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      Tammy, first off, Welcome to RFTW. Carry as much as you can. Pencils, stickers, lanyards, etc are great. I found the best supplier for these things are your local recruiters- for free! Tell them what you are doing and they will likely amaze you with goodies. If you have more than you can carry yourself, your fellow riders will be glad to help you transport the items and give them away.

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      No food or candy for the children.  Schools have asked that we not give candy to the kids as it is counteractive to their teaching them not to accept these items from strangers.  Parents also tell children not to accept candy from strangers.  As mentioned visit the local recruiters.  Several years ago I had to insist that they had given enough.  I only had so much too to transport.

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