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      There is a section of twisties between Charleston and Rainelle.  I’ll be on a trike and probably working my butt off.  Can any of the CR riders tell me about the speed of the pack, distance between bikes?  I’ve read a million times try not to hit the brakes, but this section has me stumped.  Please don’t misunderstand, I’m still going as an FNG, but trying to prepare myself so I don’t embarrass myself or the route.


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      AvatarBig Tom

      That rule about not hitting the brakes is a tough one.

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      Participant 2005-2011, 2014, 2018, 2019.

      As memory serves, the general rule is single file, 2 lengths between bikes. There are riders that will try to ride side by side. I have had to point at them with left hand to keep them back. I didn’t have time to glance at speedo – going to quick IMO.  My concerns won’t keep from riding it again in ’21. Just keep your wits about you, watch the road and those around you. Use gears as much as possible. I have made it through many times without braking but used brakes on other occasions.

      I’ve always been on two wheels. I feel that it would be safer on three wheels. I believe they ride separate from 2-wheelers. The twistys should preclude side-by-side riding and any real speed. I’ve talked with three-wheelers during the run; they all seem to be tired but happy. I’m no expert but these are my opinions. I’m betting you will do just fine.

      Be safe and enjoy the ride.






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      AvatarU Turn

      The ride into Rainelle on my FNG year (2017) was just a little bit scary… but rewarding!  Everyone is single file and spaced out and slow… and everyone is riding at their own ability.  When I did this again in 2019, it was a lot less stressful because I had done it once before.  If you have the bike in the right gear, engine braking pretty much takes care of the speed without having to use the brakes.  I learned to ride one gear lower than “normal”.  If you have a place near your home that has this kind of twisties (I have the road to Sedona from Flagstaff… and the road to Jerome from Prescott here in Arizona)… it would be good to take some time and ride these.  I’m actually hoping to get out on the Mohave Rattlesnake (222 curves – 10 miles) between Oatman and Kingman sometime this spring to work on my “twisties”.


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      Thanks guys for giving me a little heads up on the route.  It is very much appreciated, and anything I know before hand is always a plus.  I might be an FNG, but I don’t have to act like one on the route, LOL.


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      Redleg (aka. Sloke)Redleg (aka. Sloke)

      I rode a Honda VTX 1800T my FNG year. It had a car tire (darkside) on the back which is great for rain and freeways but not so much for tight cornering. The twisties were no problem for me even though a couple of them were pretty tight. The pack rides single file and at your own comfort level. You’ll be just fine.

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      Doug WalkerDoug Walker

      Welcome to RFTW Crusty1

      In 4 times on CR as a chase truck I recall only one incident and that was caused by someone riding too close. Keep a comfortable distance and speed and you’ll do fine. Just keep your head on the ride. Not much to see besides trees so no need to rubberneck. The pack does get a little strung out through there but the leaders slow down before town to allow everyone to form up again. And the welcome you’ll get in Rainielle will blow your socks off!

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      Don’t over think this.  As a Trike Platoon leader in 2019 and APL in 2017 and 2018.  My advice to the platoon has been three thing.

      1). Focus on what is going on in front of you three pairs of bikes ahead.

      2). Respond to what you see that by using SMALL throttle adjustments to speed up or slow down.   if needed use engine braking by down shifting two gears for two to three seconds to burn off speed. Then upshift.

      3)  if still needed use the brakes.

      my FNG year the triker ahead of me had a medical incident and I had to grab the brakes hard.  No one is going yell at you if you grab the brakes.  But practice slowing using throttle control and downshifting.

      But if you stay focused and RESPOND properly you should have very little need to grab the brakes.

      Going  up t0 Rainelle and Eagles Nest in New Mexico we ride the right track single file at your pace.  Stay focused in both segments because Road Guard will be passing you in the left track so staying in your track is important.

      Greg “”Step Up” Sasse

      CR Trike Platoon Leader 2019, APL 2017, 2018.
      Participant 2021

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