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      I will be a FNG on the 2021 run and going all the way, I have been riding a Spyder for the last two years and have put over 11,000 miles on it and feel very comfortable with it. At the end of Sept. I bought a Ultra Limited Harley, I have only been able to put a couple of hundred miles on it before the nasty Iowa winter set in. It’s been over 40 years since I’ve been on two wheels, and I’m still learning my past skills. My question is this. Will limited spring riding and the 1,800-mile xc to Ontario California be enough time to gain the skills I will need on the ride or should I stick to the Spyder?

      Thanks for your input.

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      Obviously that’s your call but give some thought to riding the Spyder.  There’s a TON of really Good folks that ride Spyder(s) (at least on the Central Route…)!!  

      Ride Safe, Ride Often!!
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      US Army (Ret 1993)
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      Handy195, given that you posted this question; I suggest that you stay with the Spyder.  If you feed much different by May, that would be your call!  Should you ride the Southern Route my wife Susan will welcome you to the Spyder Platoon, as she is Tail Gunner.

      Don “DJ" Jordan - (Mid-Wife)
      USAF 1965-1986
      AZ Patriot Guard Riders-Sr. Road Guard
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      2016 HD CVO Road Glide Ultra "Jaws"

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      Unless you plan on getting some more miles under your belt between now and May, and also taking some riding courses to improve skills needed for 2-wheels, I would stay with the Spyder. IMHO.  Good luck to you.  By the way, which route are you considering?


      GSCM USN(Ret) '57 - '89
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      Participant 2019 SR (Fueling Team)
      Gulf of Tonkin '64-'65; DaNang '69-'70

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        Last year I was registered to join the ride in Limon Colorado, in 2021 I will be going all the way on the Central Route.

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      Wally Gator

      Hi Handy are you going to pull a trailer or just load the bike or the Spyder with everything you need.?


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        No trailer,, The Spyder can carry a lot more than the bike so I’m not sure which way I’m going yet

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        I would strongly recommend you stay with the Spyder.  The RFTW will ask you to ride in a tighter formation than any other group riding you have done.  So it is imperative you are comfortable on your ride.

        You will be in this tight formation for eight to ten hours a day for ten straight days in a platoon of 15 to 25 trikes.  And a larger group of 350 bikes. . By Day 8 you will feel the physical and mental tiredness from this intense riding experience.

        Please consider your options carefully.


        Greg “Step Up” Sasse

        2019 Platoon Leader for Platoon 12  (Trikes). 2017, 2018 APL trikes.

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        Thanks for your input. After taking everything into consideration I have decided to leave the Harley in the shed for this year. Hope to see you on the Run

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