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      One of the things that struck me funny was the lack of Mobile Centers at each stop along the Southern Route. My mission this year is to coordinate and make as many VET Center Mobile Units available for our VETs on this years run as I can. I believe it is extremely important that information be made face to face along the mission route to educate the community and help our Vets get a handle on the issues that they face. Most important to me is remembering the 22. PTSD is the silent enemy of our veterans as is lack of knowledge for assistance and where to get it as well as our communities within which our vets reside. I was once told that knowledge is power. If we can make these mobile unit’s available then maybe just maybe we can take a positive step in the right direction to stop the madness of losing over 22 vets a day to our silent enemy of suicide. What do you all think?  Just an ol’ Tech Dog’s perspective on things.

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