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      I was planning on riding to Junction City a few hours early on May 21st, so I could volunteer to help. I wondered if I would be able to volunteer when I registered that day, or if there was another way to go about it. I have registered online, but my understanding is that I will get my packet when I get to Junction City. If this is not correct, please let me know.


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      Pretty BoyPretty Boy

      It really depends on what you are referring to… Volunteering to assist the towns people of Junction City, awaiting our arrival, or helping with RFTW, and in your case, Central Route.

      If you are an FNG, meaning this is your first year doing The Run, your only job is to soak it all in, as this Run is especially for the FNGs. Just participate. Everyone is only an FNG once, and we want you to experience the Run from that perspective.

      If you have done the Run before, you can volunteer to help on the various crews and teams such as Staging and Fuel, if there are openings. Typically, the requirement to be on any crew is to Go from CA to DC. In some circumstances, that is waived depending on the need of a particular crew.

      Kirk "Pretty Boy" Olson
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      Thanks for the information

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