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      I understand that there is water/snacks at gas stops.  Is the water bottled or should we plan on bringing containers?

      Chris "Bird" Earley
      USAF 1975 - 1995
      American Legion Riders 209
      CR 2017 FNG

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      Kegkaiser, hydration is very important, and treated very seriously by all of us who participate in RFTW each year. You will be reminded of this importance many times before the Run, and at every fuel stop during the Run. To that end, each of the routes has a hydration trailer that follows and supports us each day as we cross these great United States. Each trailer carries ice cold bottled water, power drinks such as Gatorade, and other drinks to help in your hydration. In addition, they have carried neck cooling ties to help us battle the day’s heat, and snacks to munch on. You won’t have to carry a thing, and it’s all provided at no cost to you. It’s just one more example of the amazing work our support team does.  Be sure that you take the time to thank your fuel, hydration, advance, and chase teams every day and every time you come in contact with them. The work they do and the support they provide is going to blow you away. Welcome to The Run. Is it May yet?

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      Short answer: The water (and other beverages) is bottled.

      It’s not like back in your military days where a hydration trailer meant a water buffalo behind a deuce and a half to fill your canteen.

      These guys and gals really do have the run down to a science.  The efficiency of the fuel stops and the organization that goes into the run are just mind boggling to a FNG.   I’m sure that’s one of the reasons they don’t want FNG’s volunteering to help on the run.  You really need to just experience it.

      The run is about healing for veterans and they really do know how to take care of people on the run.

      US Army 1982-1989 Signal Corps
      RFTW 2016 FNG 2nd Platoon Central Route
      RFTW 2017 Participant 2nd Platoon Central Route

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      Bird, each response to your question is correct but if I may add this. There have been riders in the past who have passed on opportunities to stay hydrated to or from the Run, and became very sick from dehydration. If you have room on your bike for a half gallon container that you can keep full, I’d suggest you bring it. I have never been denied water at a hotel or gas station to top it off. We want to see you healthy in Ontario and arrive safely home.

      Tom Wistrand “Ziptie”

      Midway Route- Rear Road Guard




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      I hope most riders have a cup holder on their scoot.  I down a bottle prior to hitting the head, down another after the head, and then put a bottle in my cup holder to sip on as needed.  Most of us still have enough control to go 1.5 hours before the next head (latrine for your Army/Air Force types) stop.


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      more water and snacks than you can imagine – that truck and trailer does a GREAT job…


      Just REMEMBER to Pee before you hit the road

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