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    So, this is my first RFTW and I have a tentative schedule for coming back that will tick a couple of bucket list items for me if I can afford them in time and money:

    1) Tail of the Dragon (Deals Gap, NC)
    2) New Orleans day and nightlife
    3) Franklin BBQ in Austin, TX.

    The advice I have received so far from a compatriot locally is to keep your plans flexible as people make plans mostly in DC for the return.  I plan on that but its always nice to have a fallback plan.  So, there’s mine.  If anybody has anything I am missing from my bucket list, toss it in here as I love listening to more experienced riders.  There’s gold to mine in the stories that are told.

    OH, and going on the Central Route on the way there for my FNG inaguration.  My “compatriot” I mentioned is Gerry Gragg (aka Rock), a roadguard on the Southern Route.

    2019 FNG - Central Route

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    Hello Towed Jumper,  since you asked, and based on that route, you will be close to the following.

    Cherohala Skyway – https://cherohala.com

    Devil’s Triangle – https://devilstriangletn.com

    Moonshiner 28 – https://moonshiner28.com

    Wheels Through Time Museum – https://wheelsthroughtime.com

    Six Gap – https://sixgap.com

    Three Twisted Sisters – https://www.ridetexas.com/the-twisted-sisters/

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      These are all great looking rides.  Friend of mine rode the Dragons Tail last summer, said it was a lot of fun.  I was originally planning on riding out of Appalachians into Kentucky but after looking at all these runs I’m going to head south into TN and see how many of these runs I can finish.  Most likely I’d head west after that and home in Oklahoma City.

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    Wally GatorWally Gator

    Hi Towed jumper

    We did almost the same route you are taking back from DC we did it going to the run last year we left Michigan 7 weeks before the run the only place we did not like was New Orleans I don’t know if you are going to camp or stay in Motels we camped most of the time.  In New Orleans the nightlife does not start till around midnight and yes everything is still open till around 4 in the morning food is great gator bites thumbs up watch out for the shoe shine guys they will come up to you and put this white stuff on your boot wipe it off and till you 30 bock for the shoe shine if you don’t pay them there in always a cop right there and he will make you pay him something. I told the guy not to do anything but he did anyways so I took off my 5 year old boots and gave them to him and told him they are worth 30 bucks I was only 15 feet from my bike walked back and  put on the new boots and walk around New Orleans.

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    Ya might want to consider the “Back of the Dragon” Virginia Route 16 from Tazwell to Marion.  I rode this last year after RFTW with a friend and was IMPRESSED!!!!

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    I was thinking about spending a couple of days riding in Virginia.  I’ve attached some of the routes I’m considering.

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    Gerald Richerson
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