Well crap! No FNG this year,

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      Jim T Jr

      Well gang, I know I’ve mentioned on here my coast to coast run I planned this month, and riding back with Run For The Wall. I’ve been waiting on results of some tests,, and they suck,,, seems I have very clear arteries, (never smoked,, diet decent,, that’s a good thing) But I have a Valve that needs repaired, and the Cardio Thorasic surgeon says, no go on the ride to LA and back with RFTW. I have been so excited about this and actually got an email today from another rider who’s riding out from northern South Carolina and he touched base today to ride together,, which I would have loved to do. But it seems on May 22nd I’m going under the knife for “Minimally invasive” Open heart surgery. (Not cracking my chest open, thank the Lord) he’ll go in between ribs on my right side of my chest cavity. All my fellow Riders out there, especially those who believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, prayers would be appreciated. I plan on seeing you all NEXT year for sure! Stronger and better for it! God Bless,

      FNG for this ride, but I have experience on two wheels, nearly a million miles worth! Looking forward to my first RFTW!

      2015 RGS, Stage 1, 2-1 Fuel Moto E Series exhaust, backing plate for larger air filter, Power Vision tuner. Native Baggers 180 "Fatty" Front tire!

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      Sorry to hear.  Get well soon and there will be next year!!

      Road Guard - Southern Route
      CVMA Chapter 6-5

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      Redleg (aka. Sloke)


      Stay positive! Prayers going up for you from this rider.

      Had to scrap my 2015 FNG Run when my dad, who was going with me, had a stroke. We both went all the way FNG in 2016! You got this. And by the way, it wasn’t a surprise to God. He’s got your back.

      Daniel W. Slocum
      CPT US Army RET

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      Sending words up for you.           

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      Praying the Lord will guide the doc and medical staff to bring their skill to bear on your surgery. You are making a a difficult but correct choice. Have peace about that.

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      Prayers up Jim


      "I never met a man I didn't like"...will rogers

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      Prayers UP for You and your medical team!!  See Ya next year!!


      Ride Safe, Ride Often!!
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      Doug Walker

      Prayers for you Jim. Get better soon.

      I had similar issues and missed 2016 and 2017. But I’m going this year again. Oo Rah!


      CR Chase 4 in '14, '15, '18, '19, ('20*)('21*)
      Sgt USMC 62-66
      Chu Lai 65-66

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      Prayers up Jim.  Look forward to seeing you next year.

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      prayers to you my wife and i missed 2016 and 2017 i came up with bladder cancer in Jan. 2016 had two surgery’s after that and missed the run did get to go down and see them off those two years and we are going this year so we know what it is like too miss the run hope too see you in 2019 god bless


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      Ghost Rider


      This an example of how doing the right thing is not always the easy thing to do. This ride is both physically and emotionally demanding on all of the riders. You are a smart man to listen to your doctors and not risk being in the middle of the desert somewhere and have something go wrong with your heart.

      A few years ago a rider went down in northwest AZ on his way out to CA and it took 59 minutes for the ground ambulance to get there and another 16 minutes for the chopper which was launched at the first call to 911. Due to the first aid he was given during that wait he made it to the hospital but it was touch and go while we waited.

      You and your medical team will be covered with prayers. When you get the release, start preparing for next year.

      Ray Wyatt
      2017 Southern Route Coordinator
      2016 Southern Route Assistant Route Coordinator
      2014-15 Road Guard Captain
      2011-2013, 2018 -2019 Road Guard
      Mission > Self

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      Sorry to hear you won’t make it this year.

      Praying for you that your operation will go well and that you will recover well to do it next year.

      Kind regards.

      Edwin Musto - THUMB
      South African Defence Force - 1980-1982 - Corporal
      1 Maintenance Unit
      Quarter Master General Head Quarters
      2016 - (FNG) Central Route - All the way! Platoon 9
      2017 - Central Route - All the way on the Ambassador Team
      2018 - Central Route - All the way on Communications Team
      2020 - Central Route - Communications Team - Cancelled
      2020 - Sandbox Route - Wall to Wall on the Ambassador Team - Cancelled

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      Top Sarge

      Prayers up for you and DRs  see you next year.   HUGS


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