Whelen Police Motorcycle Windshield LINZ6 LED Light bar for Harley Davidson

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      I am selling my Whelen Police Motorcycle Windshield LINZ6 LED Light bar and wanted to give my Run people first shot at it. It is an Amber/ Clear/ Amber/ Clear configuration which is I think appropriate for the style of escorting and riding we do. It’s NOT the red/blue configuration as seen in the link below that is illegal for non law enforcement officers. Please check local laws before installing on your bike. It worked perfectly before these were taken off and have been used approximately 3 times on the RFTW, twice as a Road Guard and once as Advance Road Guard Captain. The only reason I’m selling th<span class=”text_exposed_show”>em is because I purchased a Road Glide and these will not fit. They fit bat wing style fairings without the wind vent. New they sell for $600.00 but I’ll sell them to anyone on the RFTW for $350 shipped anywhere in the U.S. I’m posting them for sale at $500.00 elsewhere if there are no takers from the RFTW. Thanks!</span>


      Link: http://www.fleetsafety.com/whelen-police-motorcycle-windshield-linz6-led-lights-for-harley-davidson-road-king-2007-2017/

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