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      To ALL riders and participants in RFTW. The next time you you pull into a fuel stop, a meal stop or are done for the day, and feel that hip, those knees, or your back. You are a little weather beaten, or a lot, and your thoughts are somewhere else, usually in a time and place far far away and a time long long ago. Take the time to step outside your zone and give a kind greeting to the individual, the family, the children that are wandering around your area. You never know the intense impact you can have by a seemingly simple moment. EVERYONE, PLEASE read this months Presidents message posted on the forum, pay particular attention to the letter shared by Navy Buff (Ken Munroe), and Easy (Les Williams) Thank You both for sharing it.       THIS IS WHY WE RIDE

      Respectfully submitted, Pelican


      "I never met a man I didn't like"...will rogers

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