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    I’m 65 and I am planning on camping when it’s available close, I don’t think I am going to go to rv parks. Haven’t decided if I’ll pull the trailer yet, I like to be with the main group and I haven’t run with the trailer group so keeping my options open. I do like the idea of the camaraderie with other campers instead of sitting in a hotel by myself

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    Hey Ghost2

    Thanks and I may run south depending on how the weather looks before I go, Have a safe trip


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    Hi Robert

    I am also going ATW on the midway route and have reservations in DC and a couple other places b ut not all. I also use a cpap. I am a early to bed early to rise kinda guy. I am leaving Upper Michigan on the 3rd and spending a couple 3-4 days in san diego. I have done the central route several times first time on midway

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    Good Morning

    I am from Upper Michigan and am going all the way on the midway route am looking to see if there is room on the sandbox route. I have gone ATW twice and several partial rides all on the central route

    Gunner USN CWO RET

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    Hi Bounce

    My plan is to leave on the 3rd so I can spend some days in San Diego, oil change and possibly new tires. I have friends there.


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    Hi Ghost2

    I’m in upper michigan, Menominee

    I was planning on running up 26 to 80, maybe we could meet up in Iowa City and spend the night and go on from there


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    I plan to leave for CA on the 3rd, and spending a couple days visiting relatives in San Diego then getting to Ontario the afternoon of the 11th possible camping at Prado Park that night but haven’t finalized that cause not sure I want to drag the trailer yet. I have made the run several times twice all the way, all on the Central route but this time I am going to try the Midway route and I really like that at some stops there’s free camping at the American Legions.

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