MIDWAY “Continuing The Mission” OutReach AND Cookeville Honor T-Shirt Sign-Up

As you are aware, Midway Route will be the Test/Recon route to try a Slow-Down-Day on Monday, May 22nd. The planned Slow-Down-Day is in Cookeville, TN. This is one of Midway’s traditional premier stops. Cookeville will be providing us dinner for both days. We are conducting this sign-up to help determine rider desires for participate in the various OutReaches on the Slow-Down-Day as well as the logical support required by the location for meals and support, and to gather a sense of the demand there might be for the Cookeville Honor T-shirts (more info below). There will be Three (3) OutReaches planned for the Slow-Down-Day in Cookeville, TN on 22 May. These are voluntary and we are hopeful that each of you will sign-up to take advantage of this Midway RFTW Mission Expansion provided by these opportunities. The OutReaches will be organized to leave Cookeville between 9-10AM returning around 2-3PM in the afternoon. Lunch will be provided on each. There will be no fuel stop provide during the OutReaches so plan your bike’s fuel needs accordingly.  Dinner that night is at 5:00PM, at the Cookeville Town Center and we will ride to the dinner as a pack. We will stage adjacent to host hotel same location the OutReaches staged at that morning. Plan to begin staging at 4:15PM and depart at 4:45PM to parade through Cookeville escorted by local LEOs. All bikes with trailers should drop their trailer for the day at the hotel (Slow-Down-Day). Due to parking restrictions bikes/trikes/CanAms with trailers attached will not be allowed on the Sunbright OutReach. Four wheelers that wish to participate in any of the OutReaches are encouraged to leave 15 minutes before or after their OutReach departures, on your own, to help with traffic management. Order of march will be OutReach #1, #2 then #3, and for each the Road Guards will lead followed by Leadership, Motorcycles, Spiders, Trikes and Chaplains.

Additionally, Cookeville Tourist Bureau is selling a long sleeve white T-shirt in honor of our extra day in Cookeville. One-of-a-Kind, it will be on sale through the promotions team. The proceeds will go to offset Midway Fuel expenses and support local schools in the Cookeville area.  Please see question 5 on the Sign up form below.

The Three OutReaches are:

OutReach #1

Travel to the Murfreesboro VA hospital and TN State Homes for Veterans. This will give the riders the opportunity to visit and have lunch with Veterans and to let them know we care and explain our mission (approximately 140 miles total).

 OutReach #2

Travel to Lebanon, TN to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Museum along with a visit to an elementary school enroute. The Museum is small but very nice to experience. The community has welcomed us in the past and we will be conducting a Wreath Laying to Honor those Kia’s and MIA’s from Lebanon and Wilson County (approximately 120miles total).

OutReach #3

Travel TN back-roads to Sunbright’s Veteran Memorial in Sunbright, TN.  This memorial honors all veteran from the Revolution War through today killed from Morgan County.  The founder and community has welcomed us in the past and this is an opportunity for more of the RFTW Family to experience a little known or visited memorial for a Wreath Laying Ceremony.  Due to parking restrictions no trailers are allowed on this Outreach (approximately 120 miles total).