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President’s Message – August 2018

The Board of Directors were invited to the Springfield, MO, All-Routes Reunion held in late July. The reunion was a great success with riders from all three routes attending. Many thanks to DeWayne and Linda Howard for planning all the events, rides and the great hotel. DeWayne and Linda have turned over the reins to anyone who would like to step-up and organize next year’s event. During this, I think I heard the “General’s Driver” say he would “look into it.”

The Board of Directors continued the planning process for 2019 by voting in favor of all three Assistant Route Coordinators. Central Route, Tom “Boomps” Miller; Midway Route, Ken “Six String” Dugas; and Southern Route, Robert “Captain America” Nelson. Moreover, two new Road Guard Captains were approved: Kay “Nine Mile” Klemme – Central, and Richard “Taildragger” Schultz, – Midway. Congratulations to everyone, and thank you all for stepping up to keep RFTW’s mission alive.

Other issues decided at this meeting:

Anyone who has any Ontario event requests that are not annually held, or that might cost RFTW money, must submit an event request to the BoD no later than April 1,2019 for approval. After that deadline no changes will be made to the itinerary. For several years After Action Reports have complained about the lateness of the Ontario itinerary. Our effort is to have that itinerary published the first week of April. Submissions can be made to the Board President (me) via email at:

**Additionally, Run For The Wall® is a registered trademark owned by Run For The Wall, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Use of this registered trademark without written consent from Run For The Wall Board of Directors (BoD) is a violation of Copyright Law. Consent may be obtained by sending requests to the BoD Secretary Dick McKay, , who will present the requests to the BoD for review and approval. Requests must include how the trademark will be used, e.g., posters, merchandise, shirts, etc. Please include any graphics that will be used in conjunction with the trademark. All profits from the use of the Run For The Wall® trademark must be used to benefit the Run For The Wall mission. The use of the Run For The Wall® trademark for personal gain is strictly prohibited.

Finally, a reminder that the Eagle Nest / Angel Fire, NM, All Routes Reunion/Mission weekend begins Aug. 31, 2018, and ends on the morning of Sept. 2, 2018. This year many riders will meet prior to the event in Albuquerque, NM, at the Holiday Inn, 5050 Jefferson Street NE on Thursday, Aug. 30. They will stage at the Holiday Inn at 1845 and ride to El Pinto’s restaurant for dinner. On Aug. 31 this group will depart at 0800 and ride to the Santa Domingo Elementary School and the Cochiti Elementary School to visit the kids that cheer the Central Route from the bridges heading to Santa Fe. As of this writing there are 16 riders that will be riding, including this writer. I understand Alfredo Gomez and Eamon Tansey will be leading the pack. If you are interested in riding on this mission, Gomez has it on his FB page and you can commit on that posting.

Also, there is a banquet and dinner on Saturday night in Eagles Nest, NM. If you want to attend that dinner, please register and pre-pay for the dinner, so the people preparing the food get an accurate count.

Register & Pay for the Saturday night Reunion Dinner here:

Additional details regarding the Annual Eagle Nest / Angel Fire, NM Reunion and Brick Laying Project can be found here.

Contact Steve Berniklau at: for any other questions.

Here are a few Angel Fire Reunion/Mission pictures from last year’s event, courtesy of Janelle Olson.

Les Williams, President
Run For The Wall Board of Directors