RFTW Business Cards & Business Card Flyers

Over the years, many people have asked for, wanted, or made their own RFTW business cards. Whether you hold a position on the run, or just want to give your contact info to someone, and have a generic card, now you can. We have made it simple. You can order cards and have them sent directly to your home.

Additionally, we have also created what we call Business Card “Flyers”, should you choose to get and pass out to people you meet all year-long! They are designed to give to someone, or pass out in mass to drive people to the RFTW website, and official RFTW facebook, instagram, and twitter pages. The theory here is that people will put a “card” in their wallet, but a piece of paper typically goes in the trash. So, give them a Business Card sized Flyer!

Business Card Preview

Our RFTW Riders are our best resource. Remember, we are all RFTW Ambassadors, so we need your help to get the word out to future riders, FNGs and participants to come and participate in The Run and RFTW! Put an RFTW Business Card Flyer in the palm of every possible rider, and on every windshield, and bulletin board you come across!

Your choices for regular business cards, and the business card flyers are:

  • 14 Pt Paper (Standard)
  • 16 Pt Paper (Premium, thicker)
  • Glossy Finish
  • Matte Finish
  • There are Quantity discounts!


  • The Business Card Flyers are non-editable.
  • Only the standard cards can be customized with your own personal info. Not all fields need to be used. If not desired, just hit the space bar.
  • The Font will automatically shrink if a line gets too long.
  • The Print Center Site is technically at Vista Print, so you’ll need to create a new logon for the Print Center.

Go here to place orders: https://rftw.go.customprintcenter.com

We probably will be adding other materials to the print center site in the future, such as posters, etc.

P.S. We are doing this on the honor system, so please don’t be a poser, and say that you’re something you are not.