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Board of Directors Openings

The RFTW Board of Directors is soliciting applications from riders interested in serving on the Board. There will be three (3) vacancies on July 1st, 2020 due to term limits.  The positions being vacated are Treasurer, Director of Merchandise, and Director of Operations & Training.  Because sitting members have the option of moving into vacant seats, these may not be the same positions being filled.

Anyone is eligible to apply, but it should be understood that the Board places a high priority on experience and past service to the Run in leadership and service positions when evaluating candidates.

If you would like to apply for a position on the Board of Directors, please submit a resume with an overview of your work history and a detailed recounting of your RFTW experience, including your FNG year, the number of times you’ve ridden with RFTW (both as a Participant and ATW), which route(s) you’ve ridden, and what leadership or service positions you’ve held.  We also ask that you submit a short cover letter explaining why you wish to join the Board.  Please send these to by March 31st, 2020.

We hope to hear from you. Remember… decisions are made by those who step up.

Person placeholder
Your Name Here
Open Positions
RFTW is looking for a few good people to fill expiring terms. If interested, please submit your resume to one of the current board members.

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August 2020 Central Route Coordinator News

Greetings from Nuevo,
I hope you all had a good July in your respective quarantines. I spent July in Nuevo trying to catch up on projects on the home front, but I did manage to squeeze in a few rides to Idyllwild. The highlight of my June was the Carson City Combat Hero Bike Build, and seeing so many RFTW friends there.

Things are loosening and tightening faster than we can track. By now you all are likely aware that our Angel Fire Reunion was cancelled. At present the Texas All-Riders reunion is still planned to take place in Kerrville Texas September 25-27. Our RFTW website has more information.

On August 1, registration for RFTW 2021 opened. The first person to register was a
Central Route All the Way rider! If you were registered for 2020, you are automatically registered for 2021. If you were registered last year and are not going to make the run in 2021, you need to cancel on our RFTW website. Changes or cancellations are made on RFTW 2021-Registration Revisions. The reason this is important is that we need to let the folks downstream know how many of us to expect in 2021.

Jan and I are headed back to Carpinteria State Beach on August 5 for five more weeks of camp hosting. I’ll check back in with you in mid-September. Until then, ride safely and stay well. God Bless the United States of America.

Tom (Boomps) Miller
Run for the Wall
Central Route Coordinator

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SandBox RC Newsletter – AUGUST 2020 – Mid-Summer Heatwave Edition

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Howdy from Texas!

August already – are you kidding me?!?  Hard to believe that it’s been almost three months since we were doing the SandBox Virtual Daily Briefings back in May.  But three months down is three months closer to next May and the grand reunion!

I’ll try to keep this short, but there are some VERY IMPORTANT items that all of our SandBox Route Riders and Leaders need to know dealing with 1) Registration, 2) StandBy List, 3) SandBox Commemorative Patch, and 4) Quarterly Virtual Status Meeting.


There are a couple items on Registration that you need to know…  A).  If you were registered for the SandBox Route for 2020, you are and will remain registered for the SandBox Route for 2021.  If you find you must withdraw from the route, please notify me at so that we may bring in someone from the StandBy List.  B).  If your registration info changes (Insurance date, Driver License info, etc.) DO NOT try to update this info with electronic OnLine Registration.  You may write in the updated info when you show up in person for sign-in next May.  The OnLine system for updating an existing registration is complex and will ultimately require individual revision by our Registrar and there will be hundreds of such changes since almost everyone needs some kind of update.  A simple write-in next May is very much preferred.


The SandBox Route StandBy Registration List is still in effect and accepting applications for those not already registered on the SandBox Route.  The Standby Registration procedure is the same as it was last November – before you sign up, please review this link for instructions:  SandBox Route StandBy Registration – 08 NOV 2019.  NOTE:  If you plan to ride only on the SandBox Route, first register online for any one of Central, Southern or Midway Routes with your start and endpoint as Washington DC – when picked up on SandBox Route, the Registrar will change your endpoint to Marseilles, Illinois.


The limited first edition patch is still available!  It was designed and stitched back in February to be used as a fundraiser on the Route.  This patch was made in a limited quantity and though we may produce another for next May, there will be no re-order with the dates of our originally scheduled Run – the Commemorative Patch…

SandBox Route Inaugural Run Patch

Here are the details…  The patch is available for a donation $20 to the SandBox Route.  The patch is no longer limited to 1 per person.  The patches will be provided per the order in which requests are received.

Here’s how to get yours…  Send an e-mail with your request to:  In the e-mail, please include your Name and Mailing Address and how many patches you’d like to reserve.  You will receive a reply with instructions on where and how to send your donation.  When your donation is received, the patch will be mailed to the address you provided in the e-mail.  If you’ve written to reserve a patch but haven’t sent in your donation – please send it in soon or risk losing your place in line.

Don’t delay – donate today! That’s all there is to it! I’ll be watching for your e-mail!


The response and enthusiasm for the SandBox Route Virtual Daily Briefings was so positive that I proposed a quarterly SandBox Route Virtual Status Meeting that will be open to all riders and leaders from the Route and others who may be interested.  We expect to stand up Zoom as the Virtual Briefing System of Record here very soon and when that happens, I will coordinate the first of our quarterly virtual briefings.  The briefing will be announced and have a link provided right here on an upcoming Special Edition RC Newsletter, so watch for it in the next few weeks.

That’s all for now. Y’all take care, stay well and stay strong!  Remember, all roads lead to all roads so no matter where you go, TOGETHER WE RIDE!


Bugs out!

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RFTW XXXII Sand Box Route Coordinator
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Southern Route Coordinator News – July 2020

Greetings from across the Country,

By the time this is posted, Diane and I will have returned from our cross-country trip (by cage) to Myrtle Beach, SC.  As we approach the end of July, I look back at this month to see nothing is as usual.  We should be making final preparations for the Angel Fire Reunion.  But due to restrictions in New Mexico, the reunion was cancelled.  We can’t let the circumstances squelch our Spirit.

The good news is that the Kerrville, TX All-Riders Reunion is still a go September 25-27.  There is still time to register and book a room at the Y-O Resort.  Please check the RFTW website for additional information.

Registration for Run For The Wall 2021, will open on August 1st, 2020.  If you registered for 2020’s Run, you are already registered for 2021.  With that said, you may need to update your registration information.  Especially if you will not be able to make next year’s Run.  There will be a Contact Link labeled “RFTW 2021-Registration Revisions”.  Any and all registration changes need to be noted so that our database is up to date.

Remember that riding skills need to be practiced, so get out and ride when you can.  Check for local groups or RFTW riders in your area. 

All dated merchandise on the RFTW Shop is 50% – 70% OFF and FREE Shipping on orders over $50.00.  Now is the time to stock up.

Until next time, Stay Safe & Stay Healthy.

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President’s Message, July 2020

Run for the Wall - We Ride For Those Who Can't

The Board of Directors and Route Coordinators met after Midway’s All Routes Reunion making this a busy month for those who attended both events. The Midway Reunion was a great time attended by many riders. The pictures this month reflect the good attendance during the Tennessee Reunion. All three pictures were taken the first day during a lunch stop near Franklin, Tennessee.

This lunch stop was at a park where Subway sandwiches were waiting for the riders. Due to Covid-19 restrictions on limited crowds in restaurants, this picnic lunch was necessary and fun. Above Ken “Six String” Dugas is enjoying the ride. He and a team that featured Ron King, Ed Butler and Gina Cutrer, hosted a great event culminating in a presentation of donations to tornado victims of the Cookeville, Tenn. area, and a tremendous fireworks show. Check out Ken’s route coordinator message here.

While on the Tennessee Reunion ride, we learned the Angel Fire, N.M. Reunion planned for Labor Day was cancelled, due to an order from the New Mexico governor. Sad news. As of July 2, Cowboy said the Kerrville, Tex., Reunion will be a go as long as the YO (hotel/convention center) is open. Click here to read Cowboy’s updates.

Later in July the Board met and discussed how each route was doing in their planning process for RFTW 2021. Each route reported that planning was going well, and they are all contacting the businesses that support them.

As most of you know most businesses have suffered enormous losses due to the lockout this spring and the flare up seen this summer. Reports from the Small Business Administration this week indicated that 1.8 million small businesses have close or filed for bankruptcies.

We are moving forward assuring those who have served us over the years that we will be supporting them in 2021.

Merchandise Director Ray Brammer reminded the BOD that 2020 merchandise is still on sale at 50 percent off and free delivery (for orders over $50) for the rest of the year. Ray told us that the riders have participated in huge numbers since RFTW 2020 was cancelled. Ray wants you all to know how much he and the rest of the BOD appreciates your support. Check out the merchandise tab soon because some have already sold out.

Risk Management Director, Diane McKee discussed with the board dates for opening RFTW 2021 Registration. After a short discussion it was decided to open on August 1, 2020. For those folks who registered for the 2020 RFTW and chose to turn over your registration for 2021 you do not have to do anything further unless, for some reason, you cannot make the 2021 RFTW. We will need to know about any cancellations so our Route Coordinators have an accurate number of riders. If you have not registered for the Sandbox Route, there are special instructions on the Sandbox Tab of how to contact RC Billy “Bugs’ Dunlap to be placed on “waiting list”.

Our meeting ended sadly when Central Route, RC Tom Miller announced that long time riders and former Board of Director, John King passed away on July 6th.  John King and his wife, Elle have supported RFTW for a very long time and was a great friend to hundreds of riders. John was a kind and soft-spoken man who lived to help his fellow man.

His experience with RFTW was legendary and if asked for advice he would kindly give to anyone. Several years ago, this writer, while eating lunch with John, asked him several questions that I knew would help our current BOD with some history. John smiled and very softly told me we were on the right path with the issue and that he had experienced a similar problem while on the board. The conversation was enlightening in many ways and I will always count John King as a very good friend and mentor. Details of a memorial service are pending and when I get the details, I will pass it along.

The family has said that if you wish to make a donation, please send a check to Michael G. Yazzie-King Scholarship, c/o Eve’s Fund, PO Box 3592, Newport, RI 02840-0301, in memory of John and Ela’s son Michael. Their daughter Jessica has posted additional information on Facebook. Rest in peace, John.

Is It May Yet?

Respectfully submitted,
Les “Easy” Williams
RFTW BOD President

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Midway- Route Coordinator – Newsletter – July post reunion

Greetings RFTW Family!

It was so nice to see everyone at our “Tour of Tennessee” reunion.  Ron “Sky” King and Ed Butler, our Tennessee State Coordinators, did a fantastic job putting together this “mini run” three-day reunion.  I would also like to thank Don “Ten-A-See” King, our reunion Road Guard Captain, and all the Road Guards for a job well done.  Considering this Covid-19 situation, we had an impressive attendance of approximately 80 people.   

 We had fantastic BBQ in Memphis, great music in Franklin and what can I say about Cookeville…..   Wow!  What support and what a welcome.  Jake Hoot, the winner of “The Voice” season 17, sang our National Anthem to open our ceremony.  He also performed the song he wrote about the tornado devastation that occurred.  It was a beautiful and emotional song called “Tennessee Strong”.  We raised a little more than $8,000 that we donated to 6 veterans who lost everything in the tornado.  They were truly appreciative and touched by the generosity and concern from RFTW.  One of them said he will join us next year on the Run!  Here is a link to Jake’s song and video: 
I thank everyone who donated to our tornado relief fund.

After all of this, we could not have had a better way to end our reunion then the amazing fireworks show on July 4th!  It was, without a doubt, the best fireworks show I have ever seen.  The LEO support and escorts we had throughout this reunion was amazing.  Doing a “Run” type reunion over 3 days was a risk and a lot of work.  The Covid-19 situation did throw a few curve balls to us.  However, I think everyone would agree that it was a success. 

I have had a few people ask if I had a reunion patch like they have for Kerrville.  The truth is that I had not thought of that.  I have an idea for the patch and will be happy to produce those if there is a demand for it  If you would like a “Tour of Tennessee” reunion patch, please let me know by emailing Like the other patches, I will sell them for $25/ea.  $5.00 covers the cost of the patch and the other $20 would go to the Route for 2021.

I would like to ask those of you who attended and have pictures to please post them on our RFTW group Facebook page.  We have created a “Tour of Tennessee” album for you to post your pictures to.   Here is the link:    Once we have pictures posted, we will be able to get them uploaded to the website.  Thanks to all involved in putting this unique and amazing reunion together and for all of you for attending.

I am pleased to announce that RFTW now has permanent presence at the Stafford Air and Space Museum.  I would like to thank Steve ’Hawgwash” Hill for leading this effort to get the funding for the RFTW brick paver to be installed.  I can’t wait to see it in person in 2021.  Once again, I thank everyone for their support of this accomplishment.

All efforts now turn to our 2021 planning.  If you would like a leadership or support position, please check the contact list on RFTW.US midway hub to see if you are on the list. If you are committed to our 2021 route and not on the list, please contact me or your team leader so that we can confirm your position and add you to the list.

Is it May yet?

Honor * Hope * Healing


Ken “Six String” Dugas
Midway Route Coordinator

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Midway Route Coordinator – Newsletter – July Reunion 2020

Greetings RFTW Family!

I hope this newsletter finds you all safe and well.  “High Maintenance” and I, along with several of our  RFTW Louisiana friends, will be leaving Thursday morning for Memphis, TN.  We are looking forward to seeing all of you going to the reunion.  It will be nice to be with our RFTW family again!

We have selected 6 families of service-related disabled veterans to help with our tornado relief fund.  5 of the 6 families are scheduled to have dinner with us in Cookeville!  If you have spare money burning a whole in your pocket, please bring it with you.  We will have a few items to auction off and will be doing what we can to increase our donations to this fundraiser.  One of the items will be the beautiful RFTW Midway Route 2020 stained glass piece made for us by “Captain” RGC from Southern route.   I want to express my appreciation to all of you who have donated to help these families recover from the loss of their homes, cars, and personal belongings due to the tornado. They have lost everything!   July 4th, Cookeville will have the second largest firework show in Tennessee!  It is suggested that you strap a folding chair on your bike, It will come in handy for the firework show as well as our meetings/ gatherings that we will have outdoors.  Due to the covid-19 restrictions we will not be able to gather in a room at the hotels.  We will have to do our “social distancing ” gatherings outdoors. 

Our Cookeville stop and dinner are good to go!  We will have two scheduled fuel stops.  They will be handled by a fuel team like on the Run.  Please make sure you have your $10, $5 & $1 bills for your fuel.  Price will be rounded up to the next dollar and NO CHANGE WILL BE GIVEN.  If you are not registered for the reunion and your plans have made you available, I invite you to join us.  Registration will be open through the event.  Hotel rooms are available and our rates have been held for us.  If you would like to join us, please email Ron “Sky” King at Ron.King@RFTW.US and let him know when you will be joining us.  You will be able to pay for your events when you arrive at registration.  Ron needs to know who will be going to the different events for the reservations.  You may also call or text him.  His contact number is on the website midway hub under midway contacts.

Safe riding everyone and can’t wait to see all of you again.

Have I told you lately?………………………………………..I love my RFTW family!

Honor * Hope * Healing

Riding for those who can’t


Ken “Six String” Dugas
Midway Route Coordinator

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Southern Route Coordinator News – June Part 2

Our Run For The Wall nationwide community is a huge part of a successful Mission.  Their support in the way of meals, fuel and generous hospitality enables many of us to afford to go on the RFTW Southern Route.   Funding for our Educational Grant program comes from the generosity of our riders.  By supporting the raffles, donations and ordering the 20th Anniversary t-shirts you helped to make this possible.  This year were able to fulfill our intent to continue our educational support despite the Run being cancelled.  $3,000 each was granted to Spiller Elementary School, Montvale Elementary School and Colorado City Middle School.  In addition, $1,000 each was granted to the winners of our Essay Competition.   These grants went to graduating high school seniors from Liberty High School, George Wythe High School and Dubiski Career High School.  I would like to add a Special Thanks to Gwynne “Lady Bug” Dunlap, Southern Route Educational Grant Coordinator for her tireless work administering this program.

Because of the complications brought on by the current pandemic, making the presentations became quite a challenge.  It was only accomplished by the dedication of the RFTW riders.  Big Thank You goes to David “Buzz” Mullin and Billie “Bugs” Dunlap for Haulin’ the Mail in Texas.  And a Special Shout-out to Trent “The Mayor” Crewe and Chris DiYorio for “Taking Care of Business” for us in Virginia, braving high seas to complete the Mission.  I don’t want to forget ALL of the riders who participated and made these presentations Very Special Events, just look at the smiles in the pictures below.  Believe me, there are SMILES under those masks.

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RFTW SandBox RC Newsletter – JUNE 2020 – SandBox Route Patch Edition #2

Howdy from Texas!

Summer days are upon us along with the beautiful sunny & HOT days made for riding!  HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE!  I see lots of our Run Family posting about their journeys and meet-ups with others.  I often ponder on the ways our Mission Statement may be applied to fulfill its purpose outside the normal path taken along the Run.  Thinking about Rides and Meet-ups led me to the very first tenet of that Statement:  “To promote healing among ALL veterans and their families and friends”.  Sometimes we get so involved in reaching outside the Family that we forget that every contact we make within the Family is also supporting the Mission.  So… GREAT JOB SUPPORTING THE MISSION, FAMILY!

The Donations for the SandBox Route Inaugural Run Commemorative Patch are coming in fast and steady.  Within the first 7 days after the announcement, close to 40% of the patches were accounted for and the reservations are still coming in. I just mailed out a large stack of envelopes with patches for those who have sent in their donations.  Watch for them to show up in your mailbox soon!

Some folks are asking, “Should the patch be worn upside down?”  It’s your patch and totally your call. However, my thoughts are that this is a commemorative patch, not a participation patch.  When mine is sewn on, it will be right side up.

If you would like to secure one of these limited-edition patches, please follow the instructions below to make your reservation.  The patch was designed and stitched back in February to be used as a fundraiser during the Run on the SandBox Route.  There is a very limited quantity of this patch and though we may produce new patch for next May, there will be no re-order of this patch depicting the dates of our originally scheduled Run – the Commemorative Patch.

Don’t delay – donate today!

SandBox Route Inaugural Run Patch

Here are the details…

  • The patch is available for a donation of $20 to the SandBox Route.
  • Due to limited supply, please restrict your order to 1 patch per person.
  • The patches will be provided per the order in which requests are received.

Here’s how to get yours…

  • Send an e-mail with your request to:
  • In the e-mail, please include your Name and Mailing Address.
  • You will receive a reply with instructions on where and how to send your donation.
  • When your donation is received, the patch will be mailed to the address you provided.

That’s all there is to it!  I’ll be watching for your e-mail!

Y’all take care, stay well and stay strong!  Remember, all roads lead to all roads so no matter where you go, TOGETHER WE RIDE!


Bugs out!

RFTW XXXII Sand Box Route Coordinator
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Southern Route Coordinator News – Special

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of one of Run For The Wall’s and especially Southern Route’s biggest fans.  Margie Green was escorted by angels as she slept on June 19th.   Margie was a perennial supporter at our Piggly Wiggly stop in Ashville, Alabama.  Always ready with a smile and a hug.  The hug line would start as soon as the first bikes staged.  One year, as we arrived, it began to rain.  I don’t think she cared how wet she might get. I offered her an umbrella; she would have none of that.  As an avid user of social media, she would never forget to wish you a Happy Birthday or whatever the occasion may be.  I remember several lengthy messenger conversations, including one in May where we talked about not being able to see us this year. There has been an outpouring of tributes for Margie on our Facebook page and additional information about services for her. 

I think I speak for all of us, Margie we Love you and we Miss you and we will Never Forget you.  Rest in Peace, My Dear Friend.

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Midway Route Coordinator – Newsletter – June 2020

Greetings RFTW Family!

I am so looking forward to our upcoming reunion!  We will be “riding for those who can’t” at our “Tour of Tennessee” reunion starting July 2nd.     Covid 19 is still taking its toll on our plans.  I have a few updates for you concerning our July 4th day.  Our planned visit to the VA hospital has been cancelled.  Our contact at the hospital was optimistic that we would be able to visit.  However, their visitation restrictions remain in place and so we had to make other plans.  In the morning, we will now have an optional visit to the Confederate cemetery and museum.  You can check out their website at:   We will have lunch and entertainment at Moonshine Harley Davidson.  After lunch, Ron King and Ed Butler have put together a beautiful Tennessee scenic mountain ride for us with a fuel stop in Sewanee, TN.  From there, we will head to Cookeville.  We will have a small “breakout” platoon take a route escorted by law enforcement down HWY 70 where the tornedo damage occurred.  The main pack will parade through Cookeville.  I have attached the latest agenda below this newsletter.  We have currently raised over $4,500 that will be donated to veterans that need assistance recovering from the tornedo.  They will be joining us for dinner in Cookeville.  It is not too late to donate!  If you would like to donate to this tornedo relief fund, you may do so through our website.  To do so just select the RED DONATE button on the home page.  Please make sure that you complete all the information and MAKE SURE YOU LIST TORNADO RELIEF FUND IN THE NOTE SECTION!  If you do not make this note, the money will not go to this cause and will go to the general BOD account.
Each person registered will be getting more information early next week to include more details regarding routes, times, activities, and auction items from our TN State Coordinator, Ron “SKY” King.

Midway is still looking for a State Coordinator for Oklahoma.  If you are interested, please reach out to me and I will be happy to discuss the position with you.

I would like to thank all of you who helped and supported our Midway route for 2020.  I am so grateful for your support and I look forward to working with everyone again as our plans for 2021 are already in progress.

Once again, I remind all our leadership and support people, please confirm that you are on our Midway hub contacts list.  If you are not, please contact me or your team leader to confirm your positions for 2021.  This list will be kept updated as I have positions confirmed.

We will never forget!

Is it July yet?

Honor * Hope * Healing


Ken “Six String” Dugas
Midway Route Coordinator

2020 Tour of Tennessee Reunion Hosted by Midway Route
2 July – 4 July, 2020

Come join the fun in Tennessee over 4th July weekend.  We will be riding half way across the State of Tennessee.  Planned activities include a wreath laying ceremony, Song Writers Night Out, Boswell’s Harley Davidson Dealer party, visit two VA hospitals and ride into Cookeville for dinner and 2nd largest firework show in Tennessee, open evenings in Memphis and Nashville, and – and – and.

Thursday, 2 July
1500 – 1700           Lobby Registration
1830 – 1900           Meet in lobby for move to Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous (Ribs & BBQ)
1900 – 2100           Dinner Rendezvous ($36.00 ea.) {52 S. 2nd Street} or  On Your Own!
1830 – until           On your own Downtown Or Beale Street Music and Blues

Friday, 3 July
0630 – 0730           Lobby Registration
0700 – 0900          Hot Breakfast @ Hotel
0910 – 0930          Hotel Parking Garage Stage (Rider Meeting)
0930 – 1110          I-40 to Exit 108 Parkers Crossroad, TN State Veterans Cemetery
1120 – 1145          Lay Wreath (693 Wildersville Road, Wildersville, TN)
1155 – 1310          Lunch Parkers Crossroad Park (Subway $7.00 ea.) (1:05 Lunch Stop)
1315 – 1345          Fuel Stop Marathon (Gas and GO)
1345 – 1540          Ride to Host Hotel, Drury Plaza, Franklin, TN
1715 – 1800          Lobby Reception / Registration
1830 – 1855          Stage & Ride to Kimbro’s ($10.00 ea. cover / open bar & food)
1900 – until           Song Writers @ Kimbro’s Picking Parlor, Franklin, TN
1900 – until          On your own Downtown Or Grand Ole Opry. Buy your tickets online!

Saturday, 4 July 2020
0630 – 0730           Lobby Registration
0700 – 0900          Hot Breakfast @ Drury Plaza Hotel
0830 – 0840           Hotel Parking Stage for McGavock Confederate Cemetery and Museum
0840 – 0900          Breakout to McGavock Cemetery & Museum (Group Tour Rate $15/ea.)
0900 – 1130          Visit Cemetery & Museum (1 Hr. Museum and House Tour $18/ea.)
1130 – 1150          Breakout to Moonshine Harley Davidson (May Leave Earlier TBD)
1115 – 1130          Pack Hotel Parking Stage for ride to Moonshine Harley Davidson
1130 – 1140          Ride to Moonshine Harley Davidson (Free Lunch)
1140 – 1315          Moonshine HD (1:35 Lunch)
1315 – 1320          Stage for ride to Cookeville, TN
1320 – 1715          Ride to Cookeville, TN Scenic Mountain Ride w/Fuel Stop Sewanee, TN
1530 – 1710          Breakout to Cookeville Tornado Damage then Dinner (Limit of 10 Bikes)
1730 – 1900          Reception and Dinner Cookeville (Auction & Donation to Tornado Veterans)

Sunday, 5 July 2020
0700 – 0900          Hot Breakfast @ Hotel
1100                     Check-out