Southern Route Contact List Update

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Southern Route Riders, The Southern Route Contacts list has been updated for the current list of Platoon Leadership assignments, Road Guards, Ambassadors, Staging, and State Coordinators as well as many other important jobs.  The Fuel Team and Chaplain assignments will be posted as soon as they are available, but the contact info for those team’s leaders are listed if you need … Read More

President’s Message – October 2018

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The Board of Directors meeting in September can be summarized as routine business with nothing sensational occurring! September always seems to be a month when our route coordinators are busy filling positions and working on ideas of how to buy more time during fuel stops for riders to use bathrooms and hydrate. They are making every effort to provide that … Read More

Midway Route Coordinator News – October 2018

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Fellow Midway Riders; Leadership has been working very hard to get things in order. The new route cards were developed with more accuracy, stop and departure times. The State Coordinators are currently reviewing these changes and making adjustments to the timeline. Some of the states we visit will have different venues, but most are the same. All hotels are in … Read More

RFTW SR RC Newsletter – SEPTEMBER 2018 – Part 1

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Greetings from Fort Worth, Texas! Yes, I’m writing from Fort Worth having returned just this past weekend from the RFTW All Route Kerrville Reunion. Cowboy and Sam and the cast of family supporting the effort outdid themselves again in presenting the best Kerrville Reunion EVER! The weather didn’t cooperate like we all hoped it would, but you can’t rain out … Read More

President’s Message – September 2018

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The Board of Directors met in early August and were briefed by the Route Coordinators on how the planning process was proceeding. Most of the leadership positions have been filled, but the process is still not complete. Midway Route had five vacancies in State Coordinator positions at that time, however all of these positions have now been filled, and all … Read More